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Whitefield Emergency Management Director

The Town of Whitefield is seeking an Emergency Management Director. This is a volunteer position that directs the planning, organizing and carrying out of local emergency management activities and working with county and state emergency management agencies. This is an ideal position for someone studying or has an interest in the field of emergency management. General requirements are knowledge of the structure, functions, and interrelationships of state and local governments; knowledge of the methods of organization, planning, management and supervision as well as the ability to deal effectively with state, county and other local government officials.
For more information, please contact Administrative Assistant Aaron Miller at (207) 549-5175 or email whitefield@roadrunner.com


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Welcome to the website for the Town of Whitefield, Maine. We have added several new areas such as an event calendar, newsletter and more. Here you will find current affairs, events, news, historical information and much more. Click on the tabs above to get information about:

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