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The Whitefield Cemetery Committee is scheduled to meet on Jan. 18, at 6:30 p.m. at Whitefield Fire & Rescue located at 24 Townhouse Road. Anyone wishing to attend is encouraged.


Dog registrations are due by December 31, 2017. State law enforces a $25 late fee beginning Feb. 1.
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WHITEFIELD – The monthly planning board meeting has been cancelled Jan. 17, 2018 due to inclement weather. The planning board is scheduled to meet Jan. 24, 2018 at the Whitefield Fire & Rescue station located at 24 Townhouse Rd. at 7 p.m. For further information call 549-5175.
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WHITEFIELD - The Maine Center for Disease Control and Prevention reported Dec. 5 a case of animal rabies in a skunk found in town. The CDC recommends staying away from wild and stray animals, vaccinating your pets and livestock and don't ever touch bats. For more information contact 1-800-821-5821.


2018 Real Estate Tax Commitment

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Whitefield Economic Development Committee Suggested Agenda for Meeting January 18, 2018


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NEW - monitoring of the solar array on the firehouse

fire solarClick here for current energy being produced from the solar array on the Whitefield Firehouse.









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