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The Whitefield Roads Committee will meet Thursday evening at 6 PM at the Whitefield Fire and Rescue building to discuss the invoice from B&B paving for paving Townhouse Rd and Moosehead lane.
2018 Real Estate Tax Commitment
We have received many inquiries regarding the tax bills.  The tax bills will be out on or about the last week of September or the first week of  October. 

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Kings Mills Fire to host Open House
Find out how you can make a difference

By Aaron Miller
Living in rural Maine you must ask yourself, “Who can I count on when disaster strikes?” Most communities in Lincoln County rely upon the sheriff’s office, firefighters and emergency medical services to respond during a time of crisis. And Whitefield is no different.
Whitefield Fire & Rescue fills a much-needed role in town protecting the lives and property of residents. These are the men and women who respond to vehicle accidents, hazardous materials incidents, downed trees/power lines and natural disasters.
Like many communities in Lincoln County, Whitefield does not have a full time fire department. Members are paid a small stipend based on the number of calls and trainings they attend. And each member knows it’s a big commitment knowing that an emergency can happen at any time. At times, they are relied upon to perform physically demanding work, spend extended periods of time outside in inclement weather and respond to calls any time of the day or night. 
Returning from a fire, accident scene, or even department training is not like returning from a trip to volunteer at the library. Fighting fire and responding to emergencies are physically and mentally exhausting activities. Interior firefighting especially is physically challenging. There are plenty of other roles on the fire ground which are less demanding. Directing traffic, driving and operating trucks and manning the base radio are all very important roles which are less physically demanding. Wearing heavy gear and dragging hose lines while working in an emergency mode requires great physical exertion.
Therefore, there is room for all types of people on the fire department. Whitefield has three stations including Coopers Mills and Kings Mills. Every year, association members from these stations host fundraising activities to alleviate the burden on taxpayers. So whether you are seeking demanding physical activity fighting fire or less strenuous work raising money for your community, we are calling on you to sign up.
On Sunday, Sept. 24 Kings Mills Fire Association will be hosting an open house from 3 p.m. to 5 p.m.
There is a tremendous amount of pride and camaraderie on the fire department. To find out how you can make a difference, call Whitefield Fire & Rescue Chief Scott Higgins at 549-7945, the town office at 549-5175 or Kings Mills Fire Association President Jeffrey Newell at 624-2268, or stop by Kings Mills on Sunday! 
Thank you to Lincoln County Fire Chief’s Association for contributing to this article.

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NEW - monitoring of the solar array on the firehouse

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