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NEW - Tax Maps are now available online!

Whitefield’s tax maps and parcel information can now be found on this website. 

Several months ago, with the help of a State grant, the Town began a process to convert its property tax maps to a digital format. This involved taking the old paper maps and putting them on a Geographic Information System that uses landmarks such as roads and streams as on-the-ground reference points to align the parcels to a geographically correct database. The resulting electronic maps can be overlaid with many different “layers” of information such as land uses or natural features. This feature opens up many possibilities for planning or evaluation.

Now that the tax maps are in an electronic format, they will be easier to maintain and update as changes occur or more information becomes available. The new individual maps show portions of adjoining maps so abutting parcels can be seen and parcels are not cut off at the boundary of a single map, as was the case with the paper format.

This digitization has also allowed Whitefield’s tax maps and related information about individual parcels to be put online. Residents can answer basic questions about property ownership and assessed values without having to come to the Town Office. Each tax map, or in some cases a combination of maps, is a separate downloadable file in the “.pdf” format. Once files are downloaded, the zoom tool can be used to show portions of a map in detail. 

Accompanying the tax maps online is information about each of the Town’s 1764 real estate tax accounts. This may be done by looking up an individual’s information by map or alphabetically by name. The information is similar to that which is published in the annual Town Report, and includes assessed values for land and buildings, tree growth program participation, the value of exemptions, the taxable valuation, and reference to the most current Lincoln County Registry of Deeds Book and Page.

The maps and parcel information can be found by clicking on the Town Government tab and selecting Town Tax Maps.


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