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Coopers Mills Dam Committee

The following are ‘Cooper Mills Dam Committee Reports’ for your review. The Coopers Mills Dam Committee have made the recommendation that the ttown vote to remove the Coopers Mills Dam.

Summary Proposal

Long Pond

Long Pond Effects Evaluation,

National Resource Conservation Service 1999,

Us Fish and Wildlife Service Long Pond Profile 2004

Historic Restoration

CMD Interfluve post removal


Fire Protection

CMD Dry Hydrant Proposal

Dft West Branch Hydrant

Coopers Mills Letter Try Dare Signed

CMD Dry Hydrant Upriver

Dam Repair

MBP Coopers Mills Dam ConcepRepairDesign Report

Coopers Mills Dam Repair Costs

Partial Leak Repair


Small Hydropower Anaylsis

me gov hydo study

Hydro study revised final


Kircheis 2004 Lamprey