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Minutes of Select Board 2010

SELECTMEN MINUTES OF MEETING             January 4, 2010
Meeting commenced at 6:00.  Present were Steve, Sue and Kurt. 
 ·         Debbie Rogers:  Gave update on website and also gave her minutes to date from December. 
·         Budget meeting set for January 12th – Gwyn to call committee members.
·         Dennis Merrill:  Re disposition of the returnable's at recycling.  The Bicentennial committee was taking the bottles for redemption.  At this time the school and the Coopers Mills FD have asked to have the bottles for purposes of scholarship monies.  The Board voted to allow the school  to take the returnable's.  Dennis will notify. 
·         Also discussed was the Recycling Center budget.  Dennis stated they need more than $2000 as this only pays the salaries for the year and nothing else. 
·         Dennis also discussed they are now able to take florescent bulbs.  There was discussion about charging for these - .25/bulb.  Comments were made about not wanting to charge, but if there will be any expense to the center, we may have to do so.  Dennis will discuss the idea of charging w/Jeff.
·         Discussed the need for a new garage door on the recycling center.  Dennis will call Raymoor Doors for an estimate and get back to the board.
·         Roads:  Steve is getting many calls on the roads re plowing.  The Board will ask these complainants to put their complaints in writing in future, unless it is of an emergent nature.  The Board will then get in touch w/Steve McGee.   
·         Other road complaints included the culvert on the Townhouse Road – Steve will speak w/David. 
·         Fire Department:  A bill was submitted  from Nathan Northrup for excavating during the Torsey fire.  Much discussion about responsibility in this instance as there is no evident line to take this money from.  Steve will consult w/Jim about who should pay this as it is most probably the Torsey’s insurance company. 
·         Discussion about meeting w/Jim next Thursday. 
·         Steve will  check on cabin on Hilton Road re question about assessment  measurements need to be taken. 
·         Sue reported that the  mediation w/Paul Kelley may be cancelled for the 13th but will be in touch w/Victoria Morales. 
·         Signed warrants.
·         Meeting adjourned at 8:15
Steve McCormick
Kurt Miller
Sue McKeen

January 11, 2010
Meeting commenced at 6:00. Present were Steve, Kurt and Sue. Minutes of January 4th read and voted to accept - 3-0.
Mediation set with Paul Kelley at the office of Terry Calderwood in Camden for 1:00 on 1/12.  Steve and Sue will attend with Bob Bills and Pat Jennings as well as Town attorneys from Thompson and bowie.
Lynn, Erik and Frank - presentation of fire station building - central station design.  This has been reworked and size of by and meeting room have been cut - total size from 6,034 sf to 4,800 sf.  The design should be easy to expand if necessary in the future.
Cost breakdown: building $468,144,  sitework - $80,000 - total $548,144.  This does not include furnishings, although minimal - price will be secured prior to presentation.
Loan information for USDA - 30 year at 4% = #31,509.36/year - however any tem can be sought - i.e. 20 years
Kennebec Savings Bank - 20 years at 5.10% = $27,400 (this does not include interest)
Dwayne Libby - tax abatement - he will take this to LC Commissioners.
Also discussed by Mr. Libby was the condition of the Town House Road by the home of Gertrude King - right of way is continually washed out and dangerous.  Steve will speak w/David Boynton about what repairs might be done.
Jim Brann - bill from Nathan Northrup of excavation during the recent fire at Torsey's.  They are not covered for this type of issue by their insurance.  The Board will look at alternatives for payment, perhaps a line the forest fires account.
Tom Hickey replaced by Brian Ross as captain.  Tom's work schedule has presented a conflict for him to continue.
Discussion re public hearing on volunteer municipal fire department set for February 6th at school from 10-12.  This is a Saturday.  Sue is handling this re notice and meeting w/attorney.
Steve McGee submitted a bill for sanding after an accident.  Because this is part of his contract with the town, the Board voted not to pay this bill - 3-0.
Louie Sell and Chuck Vaughn have offered to move forward with the Coopers Mills dam repairs.  Permits will need to be secured and the design and costs obtained.  Rick Mattucci will be supplying the design of the gates but we do not have a cost or paper design.  Steve will speak w/Rick about the estimate.
Bill Van Tunien, assessor from Madision will meet w/the Board on 1/25 at 5:00.
David Boynton - discussed small sand shed and Town House road repair by Gertrude King's house.  He stated he can't do anything until spring.  Also discussed was large hole in Piper land and culvert beyond Tibbetts which needs repair.
Budget committee meeting 1/12.
No meeting next Monday due to holiday.
Meeting adjourned at 8:30 p.m.
Steve McCormick
Kurt Miller
Sue McKeen

January 25, 2010
Meeting commenced at 6:00. Present were Steve, Kurt and Sue. Minutes of January 11th read and voted to accept - 3-0.
Carole Cifrino: dropped off copies of the Citizen’s Committee report. Copies to be made at Albisons. It was discussed that we will copy the executive summary for distribution in the local stores. Public hearing set for 2/6 from 10-12 at the school. Posters will go up next week, Lucy will put article in LCN. Public hearing notices will be sent to the LCN. Report will be sent to town web site.
Dennis Merrill: dropped off the Whitefield Fire and Rescue Department ordinance for approval and review. This has been reviewed by Cliff Goodall and Dennis has delivered the final copy. Motion made by Sue to accept the ordinance as written, seconded by Kurt - vote in favor 3-0. Motion also made by Steve to allow copies to be made of report and ordinances - 3-0 approved. Steve made a motion to support construction of the fire station on the Green property for a cost of up to, not exceed $553,000.00 - seconded by Kurt and approved 3-0. Financing was discussed with the probable financing from USDA for term of up to 30 years but this can be set for a shorter term. Loan information from USDA - 30 year at 4% = $31,509.36/year - however any term can be sought - i.e. 20 years. Kennebec Savings Bank - 20 years at 5.10% = $27,400 (this does not include interest).
Dennis Merrill: recycling budget is ok as presented; 2,000 for salaries and 1,00 for maintenance. Steve will put together this flyer for mailing.
Dennis Merrill: report on florescent bulbs. The county will charge for them and Dennis will check with other towns to see how they handle them, whether to charge residents or appropriate money, or not take the bulbs.
Natasha Mayer and Lucia Robinson: seeking approval to put a resolution to end expenditure of citizen dollars for wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. If she is required to obtain signature, she will have to get 10% of last electoral vote. Vote taken to allow resolution on warrant: Steve and Kurt voting against, Sue voting to allow. She will need to secure the necessary signatures to have this resolution appear on the ballot.
Letter from Jeff Newell at recycling re trash not being picked up at recycling center. Sue will call Ron Pooler.
Discussion re moving to a five person select board. Steve will make some inquiries at MMA re actual structure and ability to vote for this at the June elections.
Discussion regarding revaluation. Steve discussed not funding the reval this year. The Board agreed we should propose to the town to begin putting aside money for a reval in five years and to work with the present assessment, as corrected. The Board will be working with Jim on figures and sales ratios. Land is also being reassessed. Jim and his son have been working on these figures. The Board will meet w/Jim Thursday to review the work to date.
Discussion regarding a mailer to all resident asking for declaration of taxpayers list of property owned. Title 36 MRSA, Sec 706 requires full disclosure of properties. If resident do not properly disclose all properties owned, they will be unable to seek tax abatements.
Meeting adjourned at 8:30 p.m.
Steve McCormick
Kurt Miller
Sue McKeen

February 1, 2010

Meeting commenced at 6:10. Present were Steve McCormick, Sue McKeen and Kurt Miller.
ACO, Tom benne - re Barking Dog Ordinance - would like to amend the ordinance to put in a time frame for noise of animal - ….repeated barking or other loud or unusual noises for more than 20 minutes. Motion made to amend ordinance, seconded, 3-0 voted to accept. Sue will make necessary changes. this will appear on the warrant for town meeting.
David Starr - J&D Engineering - called Sue with request to ask town if they would like the boundary marked between Chelsea and Whitefield on the Cooper Road. The cost will be $600 to set a marker - Starr suggested this be split w/Jefferson. The Board voted to have this work done. Starr is supposed to phone Sue back next week.
Jay Cushing - abatement - his home is not completed, but property was listed as 100% completed. Left a note for Jim to check on this property.
Paul Kelly - some discussion regarding the recent decision on the Town’s Motion to Dismiss which was granted. Paul can appeal to superior court. Paul gave Gwyn a request for documents and would like them within 5 days. He is looking for a long list of documents and stated he will email the request to the town office. Specifically he is asking for the BOA findings letter regarding his request for a variance - 12/31/2007. He further stated if the BOA did not make a written finding on the variance he is more than willing to return to the BOA. He also discussed his tax bill for the dam. He stated is should be under Pleasant Pond, LLC, not under Richard’s name.
The Board has decided not to accept the florescent bulbs at this time. The Board does not want to charge per bulb and does not want to appropriate the money for this project at this time.
Budget discussions. Meeting with budget committee on February
Meeting adjourned at 8:30 p.m.
Steve McCormick 
Kurt Miller
Sue McKeen
February 8, 2010

Meeting commenced at 6:00. Present were Sue McKeen, Steve McCormick and Kurt Miller.
Karen Stultz: question how to set up an appointment with the assessor’s agent, Jim Murphy. After discussion, the Board stated appointments should be made by calling the town office. They will take names and Jim will call to set up a time.
Avery Dunn: questions regarding her assessment. She has an apartment in her home and did not realize this would make her home a duplex which increases the assessed value of the home. In order to remove the apartment she was told by Jim she has to remove the plumbing in the “apartment“. She questions the standard for consideration of a duplex. Steve will speak w/Jim regarding a value difference in removing the plumbing in the apartment. Also involved is another structure referred to as the “ice house”.
Discussed certification of Board members regarding Freedom of Access Act and the request by Paul Kelly for proof of certification. All members have taken the MMA training for elected officials where this act was touched upon. Further information can be obtained by going online. Sue has been dealing with town attorney Tom Marzak.
The Board adjourned at 7:00 in order to attend the budget committee meeting.

Steve McCormick
Kurt Miller 
Sue McKeen

February 22, 2010

Meeting commenced at 6:00. Present were Sue McKeen and Kurt Miller.
David Boynton - road will be posted this week.
Signed contract for disposition of animals for BBH Humane Society.
Discussed meeting w/Mike Rogers
Bill from McGee for sand. Need to check on authorization
Reviewed inbox
Avery Dunn letter - sue will call.
New motions by Paul Kelley and town response.
Set up meeting w/Jim Murphy.
Meeting adjourned at 8:15.
Sue McKeen
Kurt Miller

March 1, 2010

Meeting commenced at 6:00. Present were Steve, Sue, and Kurt.
Jim Hatch: would like to know relationship w/Time Warner - specifically, criteria for obtaining cable on the Rooney Road. There was also an inquiry from Hal Thayer re cable. Sue will call Time Warner.
Recycle building door. There is not enough money in the account for this year to repair the door. We should be able to do it by July 1st. Informed Denis by phone this date. Dennis related that Erik is checking on repair to the door. He will let us know the cost, which will be much less.
David Boynton. Report re the storm. Many trees down, he was out cutting. The culverts overall are in good shape.
Motion made to have Albisons copy the notice to taxpayers re declaration of property - 3-0 in favor of having Albisons make the copies. Sue will complete and drop off.
The question of rescue dispatching to a house on the Duncan Road was discussed. This house is not listed as being in Whitefield, but it is located w/I the town. Steve will check w/Jim Hilton re rescue dispatch to this house.
Discussion of the remaining money from the Bicentennial. There is #3000 remaining in the account and the Bicentennial committee has asked that the balance be moved forward to pay for a new community sign to replace the changeable letter sign at the school. Board voted 3-0 to use $1500 of the $3000.
The Board will meet w/Jim Murphy on March 4 at 6:00. Sue will speak w/Jim about Avery Dunn’s question re removal of an apartment and impact on assessment.
Reviewed warrant articles and signed.
Steve McCormick
Kurt Miller
Sue McKeen

March 8, 2010
Meeting commenced at 6:00. Present were Steve, Sue and Kurt.
David Boynton: has worked on roads after storm - Piper Lane, Hilton Road, Benner Road. Discussed worker’s comp. David’s employees, when they are working for David w/his equipment, will need to be covered by David’s workers comp. If they are using town equipment - I.e., brush cutting they will be covered under the town’s comp. also discussed worker’s comp. If someone files who is an employee of the town, the town pays for the comp. Steve will speak w/MMA re these issues.
Time Warner: Sue phoned Time Warner re base requirements for running new cable. They stated that they will run cable if there are 15 households /mile. Although it is not guarantees they will run the cable. We still need an updated copy of the contract as it seems one cannot be located between Time Warner and the Town. Hal Thayer had questions about running cable and will get a petition together. Hal also had questions about his assessment and thought it was based on fair market value. Board explained the process and the use of fmv as an indicator.
Board discussed tax acquired properties. Agreed to begin process of selling some properties, but will wait until April 3rd, which is the deadline for the current outstanding liened properties to pay. After that date, the Board will review the entire list of liened and tax acquired properties. In going forward, a list will be kept in one place for those who have paid or are making payments.
Discussion re the letter to Jefferson selectmen rer the resident who lives on the Duncan Road, but is actually in Whitefield. In re rescue responding, there is no 911 address for this resident, making it impossible to locate same. Steve will call Jefferson Selectmen.
Bob Faunce and Frank Hamplil: discussion re the new Lincoln County Regional Planning Commission, which replaces the LCED, although all functions will continue. They are looking for representatives from each town for input. This advisory group will meet in April or May. The services are free as they are part of the county assessment already. Sue made a motion to support the creation of the LCRPC and that we agree to appoint designees to same. 2nd and 3-0 vote. Sue will call some townspeople who might be interested.
Door to recycle building. Erik has spoken w/Dennis Merril and stated he can fix the door for about $20.00. Board agreed with repair and will phone Dennis to proceed.
Brad Corbin. Renewal of recycle license. Motion was made and seconded to wive hearing on license - 3-0.
Discussion re assessment and need for education in the education on how to apply for tree growth and farm land and open space. With new values being implemented, there are many people who may want to apply for same. Sue will call Mike Rogers. Board also must put values on lands in tree growth and open space/farmland. Values are recommended by the state.
Meeting adjourned at 8:30.
Steve McCormick
Kurt Miller
Sue McKeen
March 15, 2010

Meeting commenced at 8:00. Present were Sue, Steve and Kurt.
David Boynton: Steve reported his conversation with Maine Municipal Association re worker’s comp and the issue of coverage of any employees of David’s v. the town. If a worker is using a town owned piece of equipment, he will be covered by the town, if using equipment belonging to David, he must carry worker’s comp for that employee. For example, cutting brush would be covered un the town. Also discussed time sheets. David was asked to submit time sheets one week prior to issuance of the warrant.
Frank Monroe: Frank questioned when the town decided not to pay state wages in re pricing schedule for roads. Steve stated that the town voted last year to adopt it’s schedule last year at town meeting. Frank commented that wage schedule for a wheeler is very high. He thinks the Board should check rates in other towns. Also discussed securing independent gravel prices and Frank believes the town can get better rates. He pointed out that there are many contractors who would like a chance to bid. Steve commented that some town’s put anything out to bid that is over $1,000. There was discussion about the role of the road commissioner’s role as supervisor only or discretionary. At this point, as indicated to David, any employee using his equipment must be covered by workers compensation carried by David. Frank would like to Board to research putting items out to bid.
Another topic was the state training that is required for David re safety and road work.
Hal Thayer: presented a petition signed by 21 residents requesting cable be run on the Wiscasset Road. Sue does not have a copy of the contract yet, but will contact Time Warner.
Discussion re an informational meeting with Mike Rogers for the public to receive information on open space and farm land as well as tree growth. Sue will call Mike for a tentative schedule. The Board will ask at town meeting whether there is interest in this meeting.
Meeting adjourned at 8:15.
Steve McCormick
Kurt Miller
Sue McKeen
March 22, 2010
Selectmen Minutes of Meeting
Meeting commenced at 6:00. Present were Steve McCormick, Sue McKeen and Frank Ober.
Steve nominated chair, seconded and unanimously voted same.
Hal Thayer: Gave Hal copy of contract with Time Warner, specifically pages relevant to info re extension of cable and density requirements. Sue will phone Time Warner re a location study in order to run more cable.
Lynn Talacko, Erik Ekholm and Tim Pellerin attended the meeting. Discussed fire station building specs. The preliminary drawings were pro bono from Lynn. Going forward there will need to be a contract with the architectural firm. Discussion regarding application to rural development. Questions about the bid parameters and bidding process. Frank will call rural development for info.
The building committee will begin meeting again, with the next meeting April 1st. Erik will contact the committee and see who will agree to continue serving.
Transition team was discussed. It was decided that each association and rescue will asked to appoint a representative to participate in the transition team. Additionally, 3-4 citizens will be asked. Carole Cifrino, Barb Delvecchio and Dennis Merrill were mentioned. We phoned Carole and Dennis, who both agreed to serve, we were unable to contact Barb. It was agreed that because we are now a municipal department, it is imperative to begin the process of hiring and chief and deputy chief as well as negotiate with the associations re building usage and participation. A tentative date for meeting has been set for April 8th.
Lynn needs a mailbox at the town office as HIPPA regulations may be at issue for clients with lifeline. He will check the mailbox every week.
Discussion re the Coopers Mills cemetery. In discussion with Sam Birch, the Board agreed on the following costs for plots. Single, $400, double $750 and any additional lots will be $375 each. Motion made and seconded, voted 3-0 to accept these costs. Payments go into the Coopers Mills trust fund.
Sue will speak with Mike Rogers re meeting on the 25th.
Steve McCormick
Sue McKeen
Frank Ober

March 29, 2010
Selectmen Minutes of Meeting
Meeting commenced at 6:00. Present were Steve, Sue and Frank.
Beth Whitman: asked Board to sign document re farmer’s market . Beth also indicated she may be interested in serving on the new Lincoln County Regional Development Committee.
David Boynton: discussed road repairs and conditions and suggested that the Board accompany him and give input on the decisions re road maintenance schedule. He stated the Vigue Road culvert should be replaced due to rust. The Board also asked David to turn in his time sheets weekly. He agreed to do this.
Chris Girardi: via letter and drawings, asked to have lots at Map 5, Lot 18B and 19 combined into one contiguous lot. A motion was made and seconded to do so. 3-0 vote. The information will be given to Jim to make the changes.
Frances Gauvin will represent Rescue at the transition committee meetings.
George and Guy Hendsbee: personnel matter. Board voted to go into executive session - 3-0. Guy will also write up his account of the matter and drop off at the town office.
The building committee will meet April 1st. Board will receive minutes of these meetings.
Transition committee - discussed mission of this committee. The mission shall be to transition from three associations to one municipal department. This will entail the following:
Selection of the chief, asap and deputy chief;
Job description
Job application with qualifications
Term outlined
Agreements with the Associations
Suggestions for this committee are , as citizens, Carole Cifrino, Dennis Merrill and Bill Brooke (who have already agreed to serve). The associations and rescue: Frances Gauvin, Brian Ross, Louis Sell. At this time we do not know Coopers Mills plans as they do not meeting until the first of the month. Frank will call the above to confirm and to inform of first meeting which will be April 8 at 7:00.
The Board will meet with rural development on April 14 at 9:00 a.m. at the town office.
Letter from DEP to Bob Bills re his property which is located near the old dump, which has been closed for several years. Certain rules apply for ongoing maintenance and water testing, i.e, no buildings w/I 100 feet of the landfill as well as a deed amendment indicating the status of the property as being on a closed landfill. Phone call to Bob and left message to call back.
Signed warrants.
Respectfully, Steve McCormick, Sue McKeen Frank Ober

April 5, 2010
Selectmen Minutes of Meeting
Meeting commenced at 6:00. Present were Steve, Sue and Frank.
Keith and Rosemary Sanborn: 620 Head Tide Road - assessment issue. They feel they have been over assessed over the past four years and have provided “comparables” to state their case. Steve will talk with Jim.
Jonathan and Judy Webb: occupancy permit - since the town does not have occupancy permit’s the Board composed a letter stating they do live in their property. This is in order for them to apply for the $8,000 first time home buyers credit.
Sue Karass: Liquor license for Sheepscot Links. This is a renewal. A motion was made and seconded to accept the application for renewal. Vote 3-0 to approve.
Max and Theresa Kasler: Rooney Road: also asked for occupancy permit and provided a letter for Board to sign attesting that they do live in town. Gave signed letter to same.
The Board voted and seconded motion to go into executive session. 3-0 approve.
Discussion re building committee meeting. Some changes have been made to the plan re fire walls due to fire marshall requirements. Additionally, the meeting room is a little larger. They will be meeting with the planning board. Steve is checking with MMA to see whether the town has to meet with the planning board on a project.
Sue reported on her discussion with Time Warner, Mike Edgecomb. She asked him to conduct a density study and also to phone Hal Thayer for information. Mike stated he will do so and get back to her with results. Sue also reported this conversation to Hal Thayer to update him on his request and subsequent petition.
Transition committee will meet April 8th. Steve will attend. The Board will be meeting with rural housing on April 14 at 9:00 am.
Meeting adjourned at 8:00.
Steve McCormick
Sue McKeen
Frank Ober

April 12, 2010
Selectmen Minutes of Meeting
Meeting commenced at 6:00. Present were Sue McKeen and Steve McCormick.
Lori Ford: Representing the Whitefield Cemetery Corp. They are in need of funds for maintenance of the cemetery in Kings Mills. They stopped selling lots in the old area and are opening up a new area, but have not sold any lots since last year. Gwyn will check with the accountant to see if we can give them any money from the cemetery funds, which is all in CDs.
David Boynton: Discussed whether McGee still has his bond in placeSteve will call the bonding company.
George Bowden: Still has questions regarding combining lots at Map 13, Lot 12A and 12B should be one lot. Checked the map and this has not been changed. Steve will speak w/Jim Murphy.
Motion made to go into executive session, seconded and 2-0 vote.
Angelo Garafalo: he is removing a shed and wants to replace it with a bigger structure. He is worried about his taxes and would like to know how much it might add to replace the 12x12 structure with a 24x28. Steve will speak with Jim.
Steve Carter: Transferred a piece of property approximately ten years ago. There are two parcels and it is not clear how much acreage is involved. Steve will speak w/Jim.
Sue made a phone call to a Mr. Harville regarding recording his deed. He has never recorded the deed and we do not have a record of it. He stated he will send the town office a copy.
Signed warrants.
Next Monday is a holiday and no meeting.
 Steve McCormick
 Sue McKeen
 Frank Ober

April 26, 2010
Selectmen Minutes of Meeting
Meeting commenced at 6:00. Present were Sue McKeen and Frank Ober.
Erik Ekholm: discussed repairs to town office and balance in account. The account balance is $1,055.47. An air exchange system was discussed for the town office. There is currently no system in place other than some window air conditioners, which are not effective - additionally, the building is musty and mildew is an issue in the damp weather we have been experiencing during the summer months. Steve will be getting a quote.
Sam Hutchinson: He would like to have a Frisbee golf course on his property. Sam was advised to present this plan to the planning board and given a copy of the development ordinance.
Lynn Talacko: discussed a grant through Maine EMS with a 2/3 reimbursement for computer, laser printer which will be needed for record keeping for Rescue. He will purchase the system after the new fiscal year begins. When the 2/3 match money is paid, that will return to the rescue account.
Tim Pellerin: Board gave Tim the check for the new fire truck which was voted at town meeting.
David Boynton: discussion regarding the life of the pit on the Dunn property and whether the pit can still operate. Travis Abbott wants to dig in the pit for personal use. It appears the planning board has stated the pit can still operate at this time. Several neighbors are concerned about this.
Sam Birch: Gave Sam copy of certificate of ownership for lots at the Coopers Mills Cemetery. Sam will handle any sales of lots, keep a record and those purchasing lots will pay at the town office where a record will also be kept and the certificate will be issued. Sam also asked that areas around the stones and fencing be cleared of weeds. Sue will phone Jim. Sam also wants to plant some flowers and asked to be reimbursed for same. He was given permission to do so.
Signed several sell and dispose of real estate letters dated 4/26/2010.
In response to the request from Lore Ford regarding money for the Whitefield Cemetery Association in Kings Mills, Gwyn reported that the town can’t give the Association money as requested. She spoke with the accountant who said that since the amount allocated to the Association was voted at town meeting for $3,000, the town is unable to advance extra monies. Sue will phone Lore.
Signed warrants. Meeting adjourned at 8:30.
Steve McCormick, Sue McKeen, Frank Ober

May 3, 2010
Selectmen Minutes of Meeting


Steve McCormick and Frank Ober were in attendance.

Angelo Garofalo came in to ask how much enlarging his shed would impact his taxes. Steve suggested that it would be between $100 and $200 per year.

We discussed the food bank purchases and have asked that Earl Lemieux to come in next Monday to discuss his purchases.

We determined that we needed a job description for the role of Emergency Management Officer for the town which might have to be separate from the role Fire Chief. Tim Pellerin was contacted and has agreed to provide such a job description by our next meeting on Monday.

We reviewed with Gwen Dixon the process needed to set up payment schedules for those who wish to contract to make payments to pay off their tax liens. Gwen suggested that as people come in to ask to make such arrangements we should consider setting special sessions to deal with the paper work as it can become quite involved as each piece of property needs a separate agreement. It was decided to wait a bit until we have several properties to deal with and then set up meetings with the affected taxpayers.

After a brief discussion it was voted two to zero to order a built in air conditioning unit so installation can be completed before hot weather arrives. Steve will do this.

We reviewed the RSU request for payment and the school and RSU auditors’ reports. Steve has some questions to resolve with the auditors about the surplus figures for 2009 budget.

We will need title insurance for our Rural Development loan - Frank will check with MMA re this.  

We also discussed the issue of trying to resurface all the gravel roads in the town in a planned rotation or some sort trying to keep them in better shape but keeping in mind our limited resources
Steve McCormick


Sue McKeen


Frank OBer


May 24, 2010
Selectmen Minutes of Meeting
We had four students from Erskine Academy who came to observe our meeting.
Jim Brann came in to report that he had found paper, cans and a smashed TV at the recycle shed area this morning and that it was  not there yesterday when he mowed in that area. He gathered up the papers and placed them in the proper containers. He had left the rest for us to look over. He planned to complete the clean up in the morning. (Later after the meeting, I came across Dave and Barbra Hayden and they told me that they had cleaned up the cans and collected the remains of the TV into a small pile.)
Jim also reported that the mower deck on the lawn mower needed to be rebuilt. Steve told him that due to the age and previous expenses on the mower, we would probably not spend any more money on it but would look into getting a new one utilizing cemetery funds.
Dave Boynton stopped in to report that he had been in contact with Ted Crocker and that he planned to meet with Ted and look over the roads we had surveyed last week. He expected to do that this week and would contact us with his findings.
Chuck Thayer came in to share his findings about home density in his neighborhood and to compare them with what Time Warner had provided. Sue will take the information and compare the data gathered. Further action to be determined.

A man representing Rosemary Rideout stopped by to inquire about the request for an abatement. Steve reviewed the figures from Jim Murphy that showed a reduced valuation. He told him that we would be signing the abatement notes later but that he could take care of the taxes with the clerk tonight.

Lynn Talacko came in to report that he had received a grant to purchase a computer to the amount of $800, slightly less than he had expected, but still enough to allow him to purchase what he needs to be able to file his run reports on line. The co payment for the grant is $267 which he will take out of his budget.

He also reviewed with the board his discussion with Mike Jenkins of Rural Development. Namely that Mike expressed, that due to the nature of our project, he will try to avoid us being part of the Stimulus funding and thus avoiding the extra expenses that would incur (the Bacon act requirements etc) This was consistent with my discussion with Mike earlier today. I reported that I had set up a meeting with Mike for June 9, to complete the application with his assistance. The application is nearly complete with only a couple of letters that need to be sent.
Steve has contacted several banks about financing the fire station but has not received replies from all of them.
There is an upcoming MMA workshop for newly elected town officials on June 16 @ 4PM to 8 :30 PM. Sue and Frank are signed up to go.
At that same time frame there is the initial meeting for the Lincoln County Regional Planning Commission to which we have been asked to send a representative. Because Sue and I are committed to going to the workshop, Steve agreed to go to the first meeting and that maybe someone else could go to subsequent meetings.  
We voted 3 - 0 to grant an abatement to Daniel Compagna and signed the papers.
We voted 3- 0 to grant an abatement to Rosemary Rideout and signed the papers.
We voted 3-0 to deny an abatement to Keith Sanborn and signed the papers.
We signed a concealed weapon permit for David Hardman
Beth Whiteman came in with a question about lots that are created that do not meet the requirements for a building lot (non conforming lots). Should the town accept such lots? How are they taxed? Sue will discuss this with MMA and report back to the board. 
The students asked a few questions during our two hour session which we tried to answer. We signed their notes and thanked them for coming.
Meeting adjourned at 8:15 PM.
Steve McCormick 
Sue McKeen
Frank Ober

Whitefield Select Board meeting
June 7, 2010

We have the following meetings scheduled:
Thursday June 10 @3 PM meet with Mike Jenkins of USDA Rural Development regarding loan application at town office
Thursday June 10 @ 7 PM  meet with the transition team to plan agenda to select Deputy Fire Chief at town office
Friday June 11@ 8 AM meet with Jim Murphy regarding informational letters to taxpayers regarding property values at town office.
Monday June 14 @7 PM meet with all the potential firefighters in the Historical Society Meeting Hall.
Thursday June 17 @ 7 PM meet with the building committee to review the funding information and results of the planning board hearing at town office.

David Boynton came in and reported that he had met with Ted Crocker and they had reviewed the roads that potentially could be paved this season. Ted will provide information about his findings for our next meeting. Dave was asked to provide his final bill for this fiscal year by next Monday.

Frank made a motion to appoint Tim Pellerin as Fire and rescue Chief as per the recommendation of the citizen members of the transition committee.
Voted 3 – 0 to appoint Tim as Chief of Fire and Rescue Service.
Voted 3- 0 to swear him in this date in order to move the process along.


Jim Brann came in and submitted his resignation as Fire Chief as of July 1, 2010. He was informed that we had appointed Tim as Chief as of tonight.

It was agreed that sometime in the near future we should have an appreciation celebration for Jim Brann recognizing his many years of service to this town.

Chief Pellerin was sworn in as Chief by Deputy Clerk Janice Bradford.

With the assistance of Tim Pellerin, a letter was drafted and signed to be mailed to the three fire associations regarding the appointment of Tim as Chief of the Whitefield Fire and Rescue, informing all that applications are available for Deputy Chief to be submitted by June 18th. Tim also plans to send this information to all of the officers to spread the word.
Chief Pellerin was informed that for future reimbursement of travel expenses by firefighters, we would require millage vouchers. Chief Pellerin indicated that he will be utilizing purchase orders in order to keep a handle on who can purchase items for the fire service.

Frank contacted Carol Cifrino, Dennis Merrill and Bill Brooks of the transition selection committee and all agreed to meet with the Select board and Chief Pellerin on Thursday June 10 @ 7 PM to begin the process of selecting a Deputy Fire Chief.

Chuck Thayer stopped in to see if we had made any progress on gathering the information regarding his concerns: getting cable service to his section of road. Sue is to get him a copy of the new contract and the information from Time Warner re: population density on said road. Once Chuck has this data he will return to discuss how to proceed.

The board agreed to write a letter of appreciation of former Chief Brann to be published by the Editor of the Lincoln County News. After some discussion, Tim will draft a letter based on our discussion and forward it to each of the select board for review and then when we all agree, Frank will see that it gets sent to the newspaper, ideally this week.

The board discussed the prices previously set for cemetery lots in the town cemetery in Coopers Mills. After much discussion and review of fees charged at other cemeteries, board voted 3 – 0 to set fees as follows: single lot $350; double lot $600 with each additional lots to be $250.
After discussion about how to handle cremains, it was voted 3 – 0 to allow two sets of cremains  per lot.

The board discussed possible need to have special town meeting to allow town to borrow money to construct a fire station for a reduced term thereby saving interest payments that might be as much as $100,000. This would also allow us to be have more flexibility in selection of a contractor. We agreed that we need more data from the banks as to the rates etc. Steve will try to get this information. Steve has contacted several banks at this time, including: Camden National Bank; (?)Damariscotta Bank and Trust or First Federal Savings and Loan (Damariscotta) and Kennebec Savings Bank.
?????????????STEVE, WHICH BANKS HAVE YOU CONTACTED???????????????

Frank contacted Erik Ekholm and they set up a meeting of the building committee (as above) to review the findings of the Planning Board meeting and the status of the financial loan applications.

Meeting adjourned at 9:15 PM

Steve McCormick
Sue McKeen
Frank Ober

June 11, 2010 - Meeting with Jim Murphy
Minutes for meeting of select board with Jim Murphy June 11, 2010. Meeting commenced at 8:15 AM3 -0
Jim presented a proposed form to be used for taxpayers to use when they combine property lots.
The purpose of the form is to provide notice that any future subdivision of this new lot would need to meet the minimum lot requirements and land use ordinance in place at the time of any future development.
The board voted 3-0  to adopt this form

Jim asked us to clarify wetlands acreage on Avery Dunn’s land as presented in a letter from her dated March 26, 2010. It is not clear the qualifications of a Andy Shultz who provided information used on a map created by A. Grindle in the Kennebec County Soil and Water Conservation District. Frank will contact Avery to clarify this fact. It was felt that the determination of the size of the wetlands needs to be a certified surveyor.

Jim led a discussion to help us determine the set values for the various types of property for tax purposes. After the informational discussion the

Board voted 3 –0 to set Raw land value at $650.

Board voted 3-0 to set wet land value at $50.

Board voted 3 – 0 to set an unimproved base lot value at $18,500.

Board voted 3 –0 to set an improved base lot at 28,500.

Board voted 3 –0 to set farm land and open space land at $400/acre.

After discussion and with information provided by Jim Murphy the board voted 3 – 0 to exempt the Sheepscot Valley Conservation Association from further taxes on lot 15 on map 31 and lot 26A on map 20.

Jim Brann came in and provided board with quotes from Hammond Tractor and Kramer Inc. for a replacement tractor used to mow the cemeteries. Board voted 3 -0 to purchase tractor from Hammond for $3295.
Adjourned at 10:30 AM
Steve McCormick
Sue McKeen
Frank Ober


Select Board Meeting June 14, 2010
Steve McCormick, Sue McKeen and Frank Ober present.

We were joined by a student from Erskine Academy, Rachael Turcotte who was here to observe.

5:30 PM: We discussed our speaking roles for the meeting with Fire and Rescue crew.
Christi Mitchell stopped in and left the Findings of Fact and Conclusions of Law from the Planning Board for the fire station.
She told the board that there will be a hearing for the Shore Land Zoning Ordinance on June 30, 2010 a copy of which with maps will be in the town office by the end of the week. This meeting will be held either at the school or at the Grange hall. She asked that we attend the hearing or at least send a note indicating how we would tax land placed under resource management per this ordinance. Land placed in resource management is land that generally not suited to build on due to the type of soil or slope of the land and land that is used by water fowl that are protected by statute.
She also asked about payment for a substitute recorder who was engaged when our regular recorder, Judy Maldovan, was unable to serve. She needs to pay Christine Norris for her work – about 7 hours time. We agreed that $12.50/hour was reasonable.
Chuck Thayer stopped by and was provided with the promised paper work RE: Time Warner Cable Co. He reviewed the information and plans to come in next week to catch us up to date with his findings. 
John Jacques stopped by to inquire about the culvert near his place that needs replacing. He was told that as this would be coming out of the new budget, it will be done after the first of the month but he was on the list for replacement.
In reply from a note from Paul Donin of Pittston, Sue placed a call to tell him that as the Meaher lane was a discontinued road, any problems with usage was a civil matter. (The road had been posted by someone who was harassing people who were using the road with four wheelers.)
 About 7 M we went upstairs to the Historical Society Meeting room to meet with the fire and rescue personnel. Dennis Merrill chairman of the selection committee joined us at the table with Chief Pellerin. We explained how we had formed a committee to select a Chief for the Fire and Rescue Department, how the interview process was done and that we had voted 3 – 0 to hire Time Pellerin as Chief of Whitefield Fire and Rescue.
We reviewed where we were at with the new fire station: the design was complete, approval of the planning board was obtained and we were in the process in finding funding from several possible sources such as USDA’s Rural Development , Maine Bond Bank and private banks. We are moving forward and when we have our financial resources in place we will be sending the building out to bid.
 Chief Pellerin told them that all the regular meetings of the associations and training would continue and when he had his team selected (with input from the firefighters) then he would work on reviewing the rules and regulations for any possible changes that might need to be made.
The select board and transition selection committee will be receiving applications for the post of Deputy Chief until June 18th. The committee will conduct interviews on June 29 and 30, as needed, to select the Deputy Chief. Chief Pellerin plans to appoint the successful candidate to the post as a temporary appointment until the select board can officially vote on the selection.
Chief Pellerin introduced the board to Nicki Mathews whom he has selected to be the EMA director for the town. She reviewed her education and experience with the board which includes being in the National Guard studying emergency management, obtaining a associate degree in the field and will soon have a bachelors degree. She hopes to continue her education to the level of Masters Degree in this field. In addition she has received training in fire fighting, as an EMT, Haz Mat responder and in incident management.
Chief Pellerin is very pleased to have someone with her training and experience available to him to serve as our Emergency Management Director.
Board voted 3 – 0 to appoint Nicki Mathews as our Emergency Management Director. She was duly sworn in by deputy clerk Janice Bradford,
The Board reviewed the letter that we will be sending to the Lincoln County News and Frank will forward this to the Editor in the morning.
The board started reviewing the assessments as prepared from our previous value determinations of land and the data collected by Jim Murphy on the structures. We were able to complete the review up through the letters A – B. Sue and Frank will meet on Friday
@ 9 AM to continue the process. We have marked some properties to go back and review the data to support the proposed value.
 Frank will have two keys to the Office made so we can provide one to Chief Pellerin and Rescue Chief Talako so they can access their files. Also, Steve will be obtaining a couple more file cabinets and other office furniture and will have a file cabinet for Chief Pellerin’s use.

Adjourned at 9 PM
Steve McCormick                                        
Franklin Ober
Sue McKeen

Select board meeting June 21, 2010

Up coming special meetings:
Thursday June 24, 2010 @ 1 PM to review tax records
Friday June 25, 2010 @ 9 AM to review tax records
 Sue will contact Camden National Bank and set a meeting with a representative at one of our regular Monday select board meetings. This meeting is to discuss possible loans and other potential business dealings.
 We discussed the need to get the total budget figures (County, RSU and town) to Jim Murphy to enter into the computer program so we can set a projected tax rate. We discussed our need to complete our comparison of the old and new values for remainder of the properties. We set up meetings on Thursday and Friday to do this.
 Dave Boynton came in and reviewed with the board the estimate that Ted Crocker had provided after meeting and touring the roads with Dave. To pave the Devine Road: $94,900; Vigue road as proposed by the board and Dave: $49,275; Sennot Road paving same as last year estimate $122,990. We decided that we will make our decision after the books have closed and we know exactly how much money we have to work with.
Dave asked Steve to go with him to review the culvert on the Town House Road that John Jacques is concerned about before he does any work.
Steve reports that in checking the salt shed it was determined that the electric heater in the corner room had been left on. It was turned off and Steve asked Jimmy Brann to go in and remove the breaker for the unit to prevent this from happening again. Apparently the switch has been turned off before Frank checked the shed.
 Chief Pellerin stopped in to report that he has been working on the new rules and regulations which will include a code of conduct. He was provided with a key to the town office so that he will have access to the file cabinet which Steve had acquired from State Surplus. Frank and Steve will try to get this set up in the town office on Thursday. There was a short discussion about the application process for the Deputy Chief position. After discussion and consultation with Dennis Merrill, we agreed that we could interview all four applicants the same evening and to meet on June 29 at 6:30 PM.
Order of interviews not determined at this time. We have the following application: Randy Brann, Scott Higgins, Brian Ross and Wayne Bridgham.
 Charles Thayer came in and we discussed what our next step in the process. Sue has been in contact with Mike Edgecomb of Time Warner. They are going to provide us with a copy of the contract with the town. Sue will set up a meeting with Mike on one of our regular Monday meetings and will let Charlie know the date and time.
 We reviewed Gordon Frizzell’s note regarding his property taxes VS his neighbors and agreed that  this will be settled by the new tax bills. Jim Murphy has already reviewed the properties in question and says that there is no discrepancy.
We were told that Jeff Newell was planning on a Whitefield Days celebration at the recycling center on July 7th. This celebration was to raise money to purchase a snow blower for use at the recycling center. Steve called Jeff and told him that any money raised in the name of the town had to be put into the general fund and then could only be spent by a vote of the town meeting.
 Steve made a motion to approve the Job description for Town of Whitefield (local) Emergency Management Director as prepared by Tim Pellerin, county EMD. Sue seconded and we Voted 3 -0 in the affirmative.
 In response to a letter, Frank Called Avery Dunn and reviewed with her what she needs to do for us to accept the map she had presented identifying the swamp acreage on her land. He told her that she must have a surveyor sign off on the map stating that the property lines as indicated reflect the true lines of her property. 
 Frank is to call Jamie Pitney a bond consul to engage him as our bond consul for our Rural Development loan and for our Maine Bond Bank loan.
 Frank checked with Toni Reed at the Maine Bond Bank via email and was told that we could adjust the amount that we would borrow once the application is approved and before the interest rate is set. This still would not give us enough time to get bids to construct the station before the rate is set.
  Addendum: June 22, 2010
Today, Sue called all the candidates for deputy fire chief and scheduled them to come on Tuesday June 29th starting at 6:30 PM and then called Dennis Merrill and informed him of the sequence.
 Sue also called Vera Rand at Camden National Bank in reference to the possibility of a loan to build the fire station and was told that they could do a 15 year loan and maybe a 20 year loan but could not consider a 30 year loan. They would be glad to work with the town for a bridge loan at a low interest rate.
She also called Maine Municipal Association and talked with Sue Pilgrim in regard the warrant article from town meeting and what it would allow us to do such as change the payment. She is to fax a copy of the article to the lawyer and they will advise us accordingly.
 Steve McCormick
 Sue McKeen
Frank Ober

Select Board meeting June 28, 2010

Thursday June 24th Steve and Frank met and reviewed more of the tax records.
Friday June 25th, Sue and Frank met and completed reviewing the tax records.
The planning board is holding a hearing on the proposed shore land zoning ordinance on Wednesday at 7 PM. Sue will attend this meeting. We discussed how we might value the land in the resource protection zone as per the ordinance but came to no conclusion at this time. While the land is under protection, one can still build on it with a permit which might limit what one can build. This will need further consideration. We should discuss this with Jim Murphy as well.
Dave Boynton stopped by. There was a general discussion around the issues of the state handing off road maintenance to the towns, and of several towns sharing a public works department. No conclusions were made.
Dave asked if Steve had contacted Ted Crooker regarding our decision to hold off making a decision as to which roads to tar until after the books are closed at the end of the month. Steve has not done this yet.
Dave asked if he could proceed with the ditching as proposed during our road survey last month. We agreed 3 – 0 that he should proceed. He also asked if we wanted him to put some time and effort to get the area in front of the salt shed cleaned up of the excess sand. We agreed that he should do that as well.
Then a discussion ensued as to what to do about the structure that had held the sand for the tax payer’s use which was destroyed last winter. Erik Ekholm and Dave had a discussion about its replacement. Dave suggested that whatever was done should make it harder for someone to back a truck up to the shed and shovel a whole yard or more of sand. Erik Ekholm suggested utilizing “Jersey Barriers” to section off the spot so that one could not park near the shed. Erik will get together with Dave and work on a design/plan. Erik will get an estimate together for a roof and Dave will look into getting some of the “Jersey Barriers”.
Brent Perry stopped by to discuss his plan to put up a radio tower on Main Street Coopers Mills. We provided him with a copy of the development ordinance and a Notice to Build form and referred him to the planning board and told him that the next meeting was on July 21.
The board discussed with Erik Ekholm, chairman of the building committee, our thought to proceed with requesting bids for the fire station ASAP. Lynn Talacko told Steve that he could have the bid forms ready in the next two weeks. Erik agrees that sending out bids would be a good idea as it would give us a better idea of what our loan and therefore payment would be. Frank called and talked with Lynn’s wife telling her to tell Lynn to proceed with the bid forms. Erik will touch base with Lynn tomorrow.
Sue reported the results of her discussion with MMA and will have a model warrant article for our use provided by them in case we have to go to a special town meeting in order to complete our financing package.
Chief Pellerin stopped by and we told him which of the new file cabinets he could use for his files.
Steve collected the data and we did some sample calculations to determine our possible mill rate for 2011. We plan to work this again with the assistance of Jim Murphy before setting a rate.

Steve McCormick
Sue McKeen 
Frank Ober

Minutes for Select Board meeting on July 12, 2010
The board met briefly in executive session with a taxpayer to discuss confidential issues. At the conclusion of the executive session, Steve contacted Arthur Strout, our Code Enforcement Officer, asking him to check on a property.
Later Arthur Strout came in with Ted and Sarah Rideout. Arthur pointed out that there are  more than 3 unregistered cars on their property and there is evidence that they are dismantling cars on the property. This is the issue that has been raised: the Rideouts have been running an illegal junk yard on their property on Mills Road as they have no license to run a junk yard. It was pointed out to them that their operation is less than 300 feet from a neighbor’s well and thus could not be granted a junk yard license. They were told that they would have to cease operation and clear out any remaining materials within 30 days. Ted expressed understanding and stated that he would begin immediately to clear out the materials.
Lynn Talacko came in and asked us to sign the contract with Royal Barry Wills Associates, his employer, so that he can begin to work on the bid specifications for the fire station. This was done and a copy was given to     Lynn. He expects to have the bid specs available with three weeks.
Chief Pellerin and Deputy Chief Higgins came in.
The board voted 3 – 0 to appoint Scott as Deputy Chief of Whitefield Fire and Rescue for a term of three years subject to a standard probationary period of six months.
The two Chiefs presented a proposed set of rules and regulations for the Whitefield Fire and Rescue Department. After review of said regulations, the board voted 3 – 0 to adopt them to supersede all previous such regulations.  
The chiefs explained that they had jointly reviewed and modified as needed the following job descriptions for the following roles in the Whitefield Fire and Rescue Department.
Deputy Chief
Director of EMS
Assistant Director of EMS
Fire Captain
Fire Lieutenant
EMS member
Each of the above was reviewed with the board by the chiefs and changes pointed out and explained.
Each job description was separately voted on with the vote being 3-0 in favor of adopting these new job descriptions which will supersede any previous such job descriptions.
The chiefs reported that Chief Pellerin had appointed the following individuals as Captains in the Whitefield Fire and Rescue Department: Tim Yorks for Coopers Mills Station 5, Bryon Ross for North Whitefield station 2, Randy Brann for Kings Mills Station 3 and Frances Gauvin for Rescue. Earlier this evening all individuals were duly sworn in by the town clerk.  
Kirsten McKenzie of Care Partners Plus presented to the board information about her employer’s services to the public such as assisting with getting heating assistance, locations of town offices for general assistance, food bank locations, assistance in locating housing and medication access. While she was with us we assisted her by providing her with updated information about the town office hours and the like.
Frank is to contact Michael Thompson at the recycling center in Wiscasset in response to his phone message.
This was done on Tuesday afternoon. Mike reported that he has found that our recycling containers have mixed contents with newspapers and mixed papers mixed together in the same container. We discussed how to deal with the problem. The magnetic signs are removed during the week and people are putting materials into the containers incorrectly. I suggested that we will try to see if we can make some sign posts that could be posted beside the containers VS stuck to them where they may become lost when the containers are removed to Wiscasset.
Mike reported that the difference in selling price of the two paper types is as much as $40 – $50 and this is significant.
 Mike had some other ideas about other plastics such as#1,3, 5, 6,7 in addition to #2  that he wanted to discuss and I have referred him to Dennis Merrill who is the town’s director of recycling.
Steve reported that he has authorized Rick Matucci to begin work in the gates in the Coopers Mills Dam.
Frank Called Averey Dunn and told her that her map of the swamp lands on her property has been approved and we will be revising her valuation accordingly for this tax year (2010 -2011).
Steve McComick
Susan McKeen
Frank Ober

Select Board Meeting July 19, 2010
 George Bowden came in with two of the informational letters and asking why he was still listed on two deeds? He had previously had meetings with us to clarify his deed.  Steve explained that the letter was based on the assessors computer system and the tax bills will be done on our main system. He provided George with a corrected copy.
 Steve Smith came in with a question as to what constitutes a valid procedure to have a special town meeting. After some research we determined that he needed a petition from 10 % of the voters in the last gubernatorial election presented to the select board. The select board can refuse to act on the petition and the next step is for the petitioners to gather another petition to be presented to a notary public who can call for a special town meeting. He is planning on getting a petition started to have the town set aside the present property assessments until after a 7 member board has met and set a tax policy.
Steve reviewed the process of challenging tax bills which cannot be done until the tax rate has been set and the bills sent out.
 Stanley Sproul (441-2736) came and asked about meeting with Jim Murphy after regular business hours as he is out of town all day. Stan was told that we would be meeting with Jim in the morning and would set hours then.
Lisa Tuttle (514-4732) came in with a similar concern and was told the same thing. She states that the assessor has not been inside her house and feels that it is over valued. We suggested that she bring some photos of the interior of the house to the meeting.
 Charles Thayer taxpayer and Mike Edgecomb of Time Warner came in and there was a discussion of what Time Warner could do to serve the section of homes on the Wiscasset Road where Charles lives. As it is now there are two options the first being to apply to Connect Maine for a grant to connect these houses and possibly other houses that are in low density areas utilizing a grant from Connect Maine to subsidize the cost. Mike will provide the information to Charles who will look into this option. The other option, which is more of a possibility, is that Time Warner might get some money later in the year from Corp headquarters to upgrade some marginal areas. This is a long shot but one that Mike will keep in mind for our situation.
 Bill Ackerson of Dirigo sports came in to obtain permission to adjust the grade in the ball fields to remove some of the high spots and fill in the low spots. We agreed that it was OK to do this.
 Angela Fagin came in to protest her property assessment. She was reluctant to meet with Jim, so we suggested that she write a letter to Jim explaining why they don’t feel the assessment is valid.  Or she can make an apt to meet with Jim.
 Addendum: 7-22-10
Both Lisa and Stan have been contacted and appointments made to meet with Jim Murphy.
Steve McCormick
Sue McKeen
Frank Ober

Select board meeting July 26, 2010
There will be two sessions of tax payers meeting with Jim Murphy this week. On Tuesday (all day), Frank will accompany him and on Friday (all day into the evening), Steve will accompany him.
Dave Boynton came in and there was a general discussion about our plans for resurfacing (tarring). After much discussion about how much money we had available, we
voted 3 – 0 to pave the Devine Road and have Dave talk with the Crocker crew about possibly doing a short section of the Vigue Road as determined by Dave. He is to proceed do this piece if it can be done at a reasonable cost.
Dave priced “Jersey Barriers” at $290/ ten foot section. This information is to be used to rebuild the sand shed. Erik Ekholm will be getting prices for the lumber. He also plans to meet with Dennis Merrill regarding the location of the shed.
Frank reported to Dave that Vicki Holbrok had asked about having something done about some culverts on Hunts Meadow South that are pushing up through the pavement. Dave agrees to check them out.
Sue talked with Maine Revenue regarding our discussion with Steve Smith last week. She was told that tax policy is set by the legislature and therefore the citizens committee as proposed by Steve would not be appropriate.
She also passed on the information that we should be looking at some buildings as being obsolete such as some farm barns. In the event of total destruction, some of these buildings would not reconstructed in the same manner as the original. Steve has raised this issue with Jim Murphy and he will be looking into this.
Bill Donavan came in to get some clarification about how much we are raising VS last year. After much discussion Steve was able to clarify the issue by explaining that we needed to raise more money this year due to decreased revenues from the state and the excise tax and an increase in the county tax. He did explain that our school commitment is less this year as is the municipal budget. Bill has had an increase of 48% in his tax bill but her agrees that his assessment is essentially correct however he would rather not have such an increase in his taxes.
Shane Michaud and Steve Moulton came in to discuss their taxes and the increases. Shane felt that his land was overvalued as there was a lot of swamp on his plot.
We told him that he needed to identify how much of his land was swamp and bring this information in to the assessor. He will do this. We also suggested that both of the men might need to meet with Jim Murphy to clarify their values.
Shane also asked why we have to pay twice to use Hatch Hill: Once in our taxes and again when we go there and leave off materials. Steve explained that that is how that contract was presented and that, in the past, the town had explored other options for trash and Hatch Hill was the best buy. In the future we might find another option but this is what we have for the moment. Frank suggested that if they had material that could be recycled, our recycle site was free but if taken to Hatch Hill they would charge a fee.
Shane reminded Steve about an issue that he had raised in the past regarding a certain location on Blue Goose Lane. Steve called Arthur Strout to check this out.
Sam Birch came in with an estimate to repair the door in the storage shed in the Coopers Mills Cemetery.
Angello Garofalo came in to clarify his assessment and estimated tax bill. It was lower than last year and he wanted assurance that it was correct. He was assured that it was.
Dennis Merrill came in and report on several issues regarding the recycling program:
1)      With our concurrence, Whitefield will participate in recycling ridged plastic such as children’s toys.
2)      We will also be able to recycle #s 1, 3, 5, 7 in addition to #2 Plastic.
3)      We have replied to the inquiry about recycling mercury containing light bulbs in a proposed program to be paid for by the manufacturers. This is not a commitment as we can decide not to participate later on.
4)      Dennis plans to construct a gate to cut down on the traffic to the recycle center during the times the center is not staffed.
None of these changes will incur any cost the town.
The board agreed with all the proposals voting 3 -0 in favor. 
The board ended the session by reviewing the tax acquired property list.
There are six taxpayers who have not paid all of their past due taxes.
Richard Chase has relinquished his interest in one piece of property lot # 011-011. This piece will be sold. The rest of his taxes are up to date.
Steve will speak with Mark Fenderson, and Trevor Grady to determine their intentions and if necessary have them come in to negotiate a payment plan.  George and Wanda Stickney apparently do not have a phone and they may qualify for an abatement. Sue will contact them with a letter asking them to come in and meet with us.
Kieran Taylor – having heard nothing this property will be sold.
The piece listed as belonging to Rural Development – Frank will discuss this with Jim tomorrow.
Steven and Jennifer Peaslee – this is a trailer in the Windsor Trailer Park and we are not sure what to do as we think that it has been sold and it is personal property. Frank will discuss this with Jim Murphy tomorrow.
Shane Michaud is on a payment plan.
St Peter property: we need more information, What is his agreement (payment plan). How much do they owe? Frank will check on this in the morning.
John Jacques is in bankruptcy and there is nothing more we can do at this point.
Steve McCormick
Sue McKeen
Frank Ober

Select board meeting August 2, 2010
Sue McKeen and Frank Ober present.
David Boynton came in and reported that he had spoken with Ted Crocker about paving and will meet with him next week. As we had previously agreed, he plans to ask about doing a short piece of the Vigue Road as well as the Devine Road.
He also reported that he was concerned that our town Emergency Management Director and the county Emergency Management Director needed direction as to what roads were town maintenance roads and those that the state maintains. He had encountered the two on his travels and they were looking at issues along the road that could be a hazard with the idea of getting some FEMA funds to mitigate the problem. They were not aware that the Cooper Road was maintained by the state. Steve plans to review the issue with Nicki Mathews and or Tim Pellerin. Dave feels that they should approach him if they needed some guidance as to what the town is responsible for.
Jim Beach came in concerned about his taxes on his land on Sterns Brook Road which is an unmaintained road and barely passable. He feels that being taxed for a house lot is not realistic as it could not be sold as a house lot due to the access issues.
He was told that we are aware of the issue of back lots that are inaccessible, however, at this time we have not dealt with it.
Harold Stevens came in to share his concern with the increased taxes. There was a discussion as to how we do our assessments.
Heather Ryan came in with the same issue as Jim Beach: inaccessible lots.
Wanda Stickney came in at the request of the board to discuss unpaid back taxes. The board went into executive session as this was a poverty issue.
Steve Smith came in to review his proposed citizens committee asking the board to decide immediately how we would vote in regards to such a committee. Board members present (Ober and McKeen) did not want to commit to supporting any such committee until we had more information and the input from Steve McCormick who was not present.
Judy and Jonathan Webb came in with the issue of back lots with assessment for house lots.
Jim Murphy came in later and we reviewed the issue of farm barns that might be considered obsolete. Jim stated that he assesses them at the same way he does other buildings of the similar size: age and condition along with the size.
There was a discussion of how we will determine what is bona fide swamp land with a consensus being that an objective observer who has the training and skills to measure on the land would need to determine how large the swamp was and we would act on that information. In the opinion of the members present, Google maps did not meet this standard.
Another issue that came up was the issue of multi family dwellings and how to properly asses them. At present any dwelling that has two or more living units is assessed as a lot per each living unit. We have had several citizens who have expressed concerns about this.
Steve McCormick
Sue McKeen
Frank Ober

Select Board Meeting August 8, 2010
There was a poverty abatement issue we went into ex session to complete it.
Dan Burns came in to discuss his “lake front” land. We agreed that it was not lake front land and the added value has been removed form his assessment. We agreed that we need to discuss this issue with Jim Murphy as it would apply to several other lots as well.
Dan also had a concern that his acreage was not correctly calculated. He feels that he has about 10 acres but we are taxing him for 11 plus. Some of his land is swamp land but it is difficult to determine how much it is.
Hollis Thayer came in to discuss their assessment and we determined that they need to meet with Jim Murphy.
Vicki Miville  came in with a compliant re the behavior of the assessing agent when she was talking with him on the phone. She needs apt to discuss her property with the assessor and with a selectman present.
Trevor Grady came in to make arrangements to start paying down his tax bill (tax acquired property). He signed and agreement to pay $100 a month minimum for three months at which time we will asses his situation with him = November 1st.
Steven Smith presented his idea of the town creating an assessors board to handle tax issues. After  much discussion, we agreed that he should bring a proposed article to be placed on the ballot at town meeting for the voters to act on. The board will work with Steve as to the wording of the article.
He asked for an apt for next Monday and we assigned him the 7 PM slot.
Fred Fagan and his wife came in to challenge his assessment expressing little confidence in the present assessment and the assessing agent. Board agreed to review the current information on file and two of us will come and visit his home. The Fagans were given an apt for next Monday at 6:30 PM to discuss our findings.
(Steve and Frank plan to visit his home on Friday.)
Dave Roper came in to discuss how to measure his wet lands/swamp. After talking with state officials, it was determined that using a scaled map to determine the size of the acreage would be acceptable. (Google/mapquest et al) Dave plans to work on this and bring his findings back to the board for his land and perhaps others.
The board agreed to start meeting at 5 PM to 8 PM for the foreseeable future to try to get more accomplished during our meeting time.
Steve McCormick
Sue McKeen
Frank Ober

Select Board meeting August 16, 2010

Chief Pellerin came and gave the board an update. He has developed a set of standardized forms to be used at all three of the stations to monitor the following:
1)     Monthly Vehicle Maintenance Check list
2)     Air pack inspection form
3)     An application for membership form tailored to the needs of the fire and rescue service.
4)     An inventory sheet to document who has the turn our gear, radio and pagers.
5)     A generic form to maintain an inventory of all other town equipment
He also reported that he has had a web site developed for the Whitefield Fire and Rescue Service which he would like a link to be placed on the town web site. The Fire and Rescue web site has links and email addresses for all of the officers of the Fire and Rescue Service. Web site is whitefieldfirerescue.com
He shared with us the proposed lease forms to be used to lease the stations and equipment in Coopers Mills and Kings Mills. The board will have these reviewed by our town attorney prior to them being presented to the two Fire Associations. Chief reports that there will be no need for the North Whitefield Fire Association.
He also told us that on Wednesday during the meeting of the  Lincoln County Fire Chiefs Association, a special recognition will be given out to former Chief Jim Brann.
Fred and Angela Fagan came in to discuss their assessment and proposed tax bill.
We reviewed all the information on his tax card and made a few adjustments. This new information will be reviewed by Jim Murphy and entered into the data base. Fred felt that a “fair” value for his property would be $163,182. No figure was agreed to at this time.
Steve Smith presented his first draft of the warrant article  for his proposed assessment board to the board. There was a general discussion and some changes made. Steve will take those suggestions and redraft the article and come back next week for further working.
Steve presented a letter from the vendor that had constructed his rental storage buildings on the Rockland Road (Rt. 17) indicating that the cost to reconstruct his buildings would be between $9 and $10/ square foot. He estimates that his buildings are about 7200 sq ft.
With the addition of the cost of the slab and electrical work, this would place his replacement costs at $75,000 which is considerable less than the $250,571 he is presently assessed at. Board will share and discuss this information with Jim Murphy.
Kurt Miller came in to share with the board that he recently had his house evaluated and the value was within $400 of our assessment. He wanted to share that with us, stating he felt that we must be doing something right.
Steve shared with the others that there have been some issues regarding stray animals and that we need to have a conversation with our animal control officer, Tom Benne.
Steve McCormick
Sue McKeen
Frank Ober

Select Board Meeting August 23, 2010
Susan McKeen and Frank Ober present.

Carl Richards came in with a map that her had done utilizing Google imaging and offered to show us how he was able to do it. He did leave us with a photo/map of his property delineating the swamp land along the stream at the edge of his property with acreage indicated. One difficulty with this method is locating the property boundaries.
Board will consider his map.
Dave Boynton came and but had no issues for us. He did report that he had spoken with Erik Ekholm regarding the possible location of the sand shack. Dave has provided us with the cost of the cement barriers which could be utilized to prevent vehicles from getting too close to the sand. Erik had indicated that he has the cost of wood to build such a structure but has not provided it to us. Frank will contact him to get this information.
Board went into executive session to discuss a personnel issue and after which no action was taken.
Tom Benne was there to discuss an issue he was having: He is not sure what he is to do if he decides to issue a summons for a barking dog issue – who does he talk with? After some discussion he was told to talk with the Clerk at the District court for guidance and to report back to the board if he is unable to get his answer.
After some discussion about how to deal with the issue of mapping land issues such as swamp and inaccessible land it was decided to contact Chelsea and Pittston to see how they have handled it. Frank agreed to do this.
Phil Newcomb came in to discuss his assessment. We had provided him with a copy of his data sheet and it listed his house as having a fireplace. None exists. He also took issue with the condition as being fair, he feels that is more like poor. As Frank was familiar with Phil’s  home and tended to agree with him. We plan to give this information to Jim Murphy so he can adjust the entries.
Steve Smith brought in his latest version of his proposed warrant article for town meeting re an assessors board. We accepted this and will discuss it with the town attorney.
Dave Hayden had spoken with Frank regarding the light spotlighting the flag in the Veterans’ Memorial: it has not been on for some time. We determined which switch controlled the light and turned it on and labeled it for future reference.
 Susan McKeen
 Frank Ober
Select Board meeting 8-30-10

Steve McCormick and Frank Ober attending.
 We discussed the Maine Bond Bank application. We have been approved to borrow the $548,144 and need to reply by September 9th.
We have several concerns;
1.     We have not received the bid forms and therefore we do not have any bids to gauge the cost of project. This information will not be available by the 9th.
2.     Without bids, we feel that we would have to take the full amount of the loan application and would reasonably expect that the cost would be less.
3.     We could not borrow less nor pay down the loan with the extra funds except that we might put it in a savings act and use it to make payments until it was expended.
4.     On a positive note, we can pick whoever we want to do the project VS Rural Development which requires us to take the lowest bidder.

Frank will call Rural Development’s Mike Jenkins in the morning.
After discussing these issues with Sue McKeen and Erik Ekholm at home, we decided to hold a meeting with the building committee on Tuesday September 7, 2010 @6 PM (to 8 PM) at which time we can vote and complete the required paper work for the bond consul and Maine Bond Bank.
Lucy will note this in her column and Frank will ask Debbie to post it on the web site. Robin was asked post it on the door for the public.

Frank had called the town offices in Pittston and Chelsea to gather information as to those towns dealt with some issues around assessing.
From Chelsea town clerk Cookie Kelly he found that:
            Unimproved house lots (2 Acres) are valued at $17,000
            Improved house lots are valued at $23,000
            Raw land is valued at $700
If there are two dwelling units on the lot they are taxed as two improved lots with special rules to deal with multi units housing such as apartment buildings

From Pittston assessing agent Ellery Bains he found that:
            Unimproved house lots are valued at $24,000
            Improved house are valued at  $34,200
            As fir raw land they use a progressing scale:
                        Next 3 Acres after house lot is valued at $5000/acar
                        Next 3 -5 Acres are valued at $3500/acre
                        Nest 5-10 Acres are valued at $2000/are
                        Next 10-25 acres are valued at $1500
                        Next 25-50 acres are valued at $1000
                        Next 50-100 acres are valued at $750/acre
            Wet lands are valued at $200/acre
Consideration is given for lots that are inaccessible by improved roads, lacking power, septic or water and an individual basis and this is done by the assessing agent. Of course any determination ultimately is the responsibility of the Select Board.
Ellery expressed support for what we have in place as long as all are being dealt with on the same basis.
We discussed Fred Fagin’s request for an adjustment in his assessment and determined that we had adjusted his information to reflect what changes were appropriate. We drafted a short note to be mailed to Fred and Angela and included with copies of the prior data assessment sheet and the current one. 
Sue Bell came in with three other people from Central Maine Power to present to us the planed adjustment to a power line that runs along the northern border of Whitefield. The affected area is about a half mile of existing high tension lines. There are several property owners that are bordering on the project and Sue et al assured us that all have been provided with information about the project including contact information to contact CMP with questions or concerns. The corridor will be widened somewhat and the existing two pole H frame system with be replaced with single taller poles. A new line of two pole H frame system will be constructed.
They will be in contact with our fire chief to determine what equipment and personnel that will is available for emergency response and to share access information. We updated her information in regards to our new Fire Chief.
She also noted our email address and will use that to keep us informed as the project progress over the next two years
There was also a discussion of the most recent tree trimming work being done in town with the plan that more aggressive trimming will provide better service with less power interruptions due to fallen branches. It does, however, raise concerns by some due to the amount of limbs removed from the trees, visual impact as it were.
Steve contacted Jim Murphy to get an update on his progress in meeting the taxpayers. Jim will get back to us after he has had a chance to get caught up entering data collected on his field visits. We set a tentative to meet on Friday pending Jim being ready.
On Tuesday morning Frank contacted Mike Jenkins who  told me that it will most likely be the end of September to mid October before the application will be approved due the time it takes for all the environmental information to “trickle in.”
Frank also contacted Patty Neptune at the office of our Bond Consul to let them know that we will be meeting on Tuesday and at that time we will make a determination as to what we will do regarding the Maine Municipal Bond Bank loan. I told her that if we voted to proceed, then I would deliver the paper work to their office on Wednesday the 8th.
Steve McCormink                                                      Frank Ober

Special Select Board meeting September 7, 2010

Steve McCormick and Frank Ober present.
The Board met with the fire station building committee to discuss the biding process and to set dates to request bids and review the returns.
The following schedule was set:
Advertizing for bids to be published nest week with ads  placed in the Kennebec Journal and the Lincoln County News.
Bid package will be available on September 16 at the town office during the hours of 9 AM – 12 Noon and 1 PM – 4 PM. Lynn Talacko and Erik Ekholm will be available all day and Frank Ober will be there 9 – 12 noon and Steve McCormick will be there 1 – 4 PM to answer any questions that may arise
Bids will be due back to the town office by noon September 29, 2010.
Bids will be opened during a joint meeting of the building committee and board of selectmen at 1 PM September 29.
Steve will make inquires as to how to reach potential bidders on the web as will Lynn.
Committee members will also contact by snail mail with a copy of the ad any bidders that we have had correspondence or contact from in the past few months.

Steve McCormick                         Frank Ober

Select Board Meeting September 13, 2010

Sue McKeen, Steve McCormick and Frank Ober attending.
We met with Cliff Goodall, our attorney, and Chief Pellerin to go over a proposed leases between the town and our fire associations. After much discussion, Cliff indicated that he will draw up a lease reflecting our intentions and email it to all concerned.
We also discussed with Cliff some of the ramifications of having an assessor board and/or a five man select board. Another option would be an assessors appeal board.
Chief Tim Pellerin Reported that they had taken applications and tested candidates for Lieutenant and tonight they will swear in three members for this role: David Mason and Gerald Joslyn for  Coopers Mills Company and Josh Moores for North Whitefield Company with no active candidate for Kings Mills Company at present. He expects that Mike Kaselis will apply in a few weeks once he returns from active duty.
The Board plans to meet with Jim Murphy in the morning.
Carl Richards stopped by to check on his assessment adjustment for swamp land and was shown that it had been done.
Christi Mitchell came in to formally presented to the board the proposed Shoreland Zoning Ordinance. We discussed the costs associated with a town meeting and agreed that the funds were there to pay for the postage and other associated costs to have a item on the ballot. 
Board voted 2 – 1 to place the ordinance on the ballot and to have the associated necessary hearing and town meeting.
Erik Ekholm and Lynn Talacko discussed some issues around the bid process for the fire station. Due to perceived interest, we agreed to prepare 20 copies of the bid forms with the option in place to run off more copies if needed at Lynn’s office and have someone go pick them up (Dennis Merrill offered to do this.)
The cost to the bidders will be $60 picked up and $100 plus shipping, if we are asked to ship them.
The bids will be available on Thursday at the town office. Frank will be at the office from 9 – 12 and Steve will be there from 1 – 4PM. In addition Lynn and Erik will also be there.
Hilary Holm came in to discuss the large increase in her tax bill. We reviewed with her the budget for the town including our bills to the RSU and the county. Steve went over our figures with her explaining that our expenses have decreased to some degree but our revenue is substantially less than prior years with the surplus nearly gone, the state revenue sharing down and the excise tax collections reduced which forced us to raise more money to cover our expenses. He explained that prior assessment of her property were undervalued and that contributed to her increased tax bill.
Bill Gauvin came in to challenge his assessment as we were taxing him for two dwelling units but in reality he only has one living unit as the rest of the building is not habitable at this time. Board indicated that we will have Jim Murphy make the adjustment in his records to reflect only one dwelling not two as it is presently. (Done and adjusted)
Albert Boynton came in with a map from his surveyor which indicated that the acreage on lot 36 map 11 was only 80 Acres with 4 acres of that being swamp. We will present this information to Jim Murphy in the morning. (Done and adjusted)
David Shaw and Helene Duncan came to discuss the issue of the land being assessed as shore land when it was swamp. Board agreed to remove the shore land assessment and to place 80.6 acres into swamp land. (Done and adjusted)
Helene asked that we send her a copy of the tax bill as well as Fred and Nancy. Steve indicated that because Fred’s name is first on the listing,  the bill goes to him. It will be difficult to adjust this due our utilizing a computer system. We suggested that is she has any questions, she could stop by the office and get what ever information that we had on file as it is public knowledge.
Erik Ekholm presented a plan developed by Dave Boynton, Dennis Merrill and himself to add a shed to the face of the sand shed and then cut a hole through the metal wall of the shed to provide access to add sand to this addition. “Jersey Barriers” will be placed at the open side of this addition facing the access road, thereby blocking access to trucks. This design will keep those getting sand from impeding traffic of the sanding trucks in and out of the sand shed. There will be a little ground work needed to be done but the design seems to be a good solution to the problem of taxpayers creating a traffic hazard while getting sand for home use. Erik will develop an estimated cost to build the shed addition.
Dennis indicated that he will put off adding a gate to the recycling area until spring and concentrate on education of those using the recycling center. He will reassess the need for a gate and will put it in place in the spring if it is deemed necessary at that time.
Steve Smith came in and asked about the papers that he had left for review by Jim Murphy. We told him that Jim had the papers and at last we knew he had not had a chance to review them.
Steve also reviewed his aim of putting in place a 5 member board of assessors. He feels that even with a five member select board that the assessors’ board would be needed. Board agreed that we will present the issue at the March 2011 town meeting. Sue will provide Cliff Goodall with a copy of proposed article/ordinance for review.
A motion was made by Steve to implement credit card processing with the expected cost to the town to be an initial cost of $875 plus $85 for the card scanner and an annual fee of $100.  Customers would pay a fee to utilize this method.
Voted 3 – 0 to adopt this system.
Board discussed increasing the select board to five members and then voted 3 – 0 to put this on the ballot on November 2nd.
September 14, the board met with Jim Murphy and made the adjustments as indicated above.
After some discussion we voted 3 -0 to set the Mill rate at 0.013350 per $1000 of assessed value.

Steve McCormick
Sue McKeen
Frank Ober

Select Board meeting September 20, 2010

Steve McCormick and Frank Ober present.
Lynn Talacko came as per Frank’s request.
Frank had contacted James Pitney, our bond counsel, regarding the bonding of the contractors for the fire station. He told me that he expected that this was an issue for the architect or the town.
He explained the two types of bonding: performance bonding and payment bonding.
I had contacted Lynn and reviewed the conversation with him. He agreed to come to our meeting this evening so we could discuss the issue of bonding.
After some discussion the Board voted 2 – 0 to require the selected contractor to have both types of bonding. Lynn will provide copies of the bond agreement (AIAdoc A312). Steve will contact the contractors to give them the information.

Frank called Heather Ryan per her request. She indicated that we had told her that we would let her know about her request for a reduction in her valuation (unimproved house lot) on her land on Crocker Ave. I told her that we had not taken any action in this regards and that she was not alone with this issue and that at some time in the future we would deal with this but not at this time.

Barry Tibbetts came in to discuss his tax bill. After meeting with Jim Murphy and the board, he understood that Jim and someone on the board were to come to his farm to review his property but this did not happen. We agreed that we would schedule a visit. He feels that his bill is too high a burden. He indicated that due to the scattered pieces of land that he owns and uses for his farm, he is being hit hard due to the unimproved house lots on each one. He expressed concern that the tax burden in general is getting difficult for some to deal with but at the same time expressing understanding that our role is difficult. Steve reviewed with him why our taxes are going up in general – decreased revenue from the state, excise taxes and no surplus to plug into the budget. The municipal budget is down as is the school budget. Board agreed that he is in a difficult situation but suggested that he can utilize farm and open space plus timber growth to mitigate some of the burden. Board also agreed to see if there was anything else we could do down the road.
Barry was asked and did agree to serve on the budget committee for the coming budget session.

Frank had had a phone conversation with Dave Roper regarding his land on Hunts Meadow North with identified swamp land that he had presented to the board and thought that we had agreed to put a portion of it into swamp land. His tax bill does not reflect this. Frank checked and determined that it had not been entered into the data base as we had indicated to be done. Frank asked Dave to meet with the board next week.

The board will be meeting with the building committee on the 29th  at 1PM to open the bids for the fire station and at 6 PM that same day to select a contractor.
Frank was in contact with Toni Reed at the bond bank and told her that we would be in contact with her on the 30th with a figure for our loan. She expressed satisfaction with this.
Nicki Mathews, our Emergency Management Director, was there to discuss hazard mitigation but was unable to proceed as the Lincoln County representative was not able to be there in a timely manner so Nicki was put on the schedule for next week at 5 PM.
Board adjourned at 6 PM to travel to Wiscasset for a Lincoln County Budget meeting.

Steve McCormick                                  Frank Ober


Select Board meeting with building committee on September 29, 2010
Board members Sue McKeen, Frank Ober and Steve McCormick present.
Building committee members present: Herb Hartman, Louis Sell, Chief Pellerin, Dep, Chief Higgins, Erik Ekholm and Architect Lynn Talacko.
After much discussion which included review of all twelve bidders and with adjustment of figures to include all factors, the group agreed that the top four bidders to consider were:
Eastern Construction
Lajoie Brothers
McCormick and Assoc.
Catalano’s Construction
Committee determined that we would need the following expenses added to the bids for the following items:
Bond counsel Fees    $3000
Architectural fees      $25,000
Furnishings               $8,000
Misc unexpected items $4000
Total                          $40,000
We added $30,000 to cover the estimated cost of the exhaust fan installation and generator set up.
We would put off paving until next year and try to have it done as part of the paving work on the roads which might save money and it could be put off if there are not enough funds
Total added costs to bids would be $70,000 giving the total costs as follows for each bidder:
Eastern Construction: $519,000
Lajoie Brothers: $535.042
McCormick & Associates: $550,817
Catalano Construction: $551,188 
Lynn is to contact these four bidders with requests for more information to be provided to the committee prior to meeting with each contractor:
A list of the subcontractors
A list of references
A list of prior projects with contact information for the owner
A prospective of engineering ideas to save costs
List to be available to his office by Monday October 5.
Plan is to meet with the contractors next week.
Steve will notify all other bidders.
Frank will contact the Maine Bond Bank to tell them we will be borrowing the full amount of our application: $548,144.
Full committee will not meet until after the subcommittee has met with all the contractors. Subcommittee members are Erik, Steve and Frank as well as Lynn as architect. 
Board voted 3 – 0 to ask for the amount of 548,144 from the bond bank.
Meeting adjourned at 7:45 PM.
Frank has contacted Toni Reed at the Maine Bond Bank and told her that we wanted to borrow $548,144 as per our application and we wanted level payments.
She indicated that our projected interest rate is about 3.17% and our payments of interest and principal would be about $29,000/annum.
Frank also contacted Mike Jenkins at Rural Development and told him the above and therefore we would not need a loan from his agency.
Frank also has been in contact with James Pitney, and shared the above information with him.

Steve McCormick        Sue McKeen            Frank Ober

Select board meeting with building committee on October 8, 2010.
Sue McKeen and Frank Ober present.

The subcommittee consisting of Erik Ekholm, Lynn Talacko, Steve McCormick and Frank Ober met with four contractors: Eastern Construction, Lajoie Brothers, McCormick and Assoc., and Catalano Construction.
We had asked them to bring in any ideas of how we might save on the costs as well as any other suggestions.
After each of the sessions the group traveled to Jefferson, Alna and Dresden on Tuesday and to Lincolnville on Wednesday to view fire station projects that the various builders had put up. On Thursday Erik, Frank and Lynn traveled to Lincolnville to view that fire station.
There have been several calls made to check references and talk with owners of the buildings.
Following these efforts, the subcommittee narrowed the selection down to Catalano  (@$461,000) and McCormick Assoc. (@$480,000). Catalano has recently completed two fire stations and McCormick does fine interior work but with the lowest bid, Catalano was the preferred selection of the subcommittee.
Erik then went down the list of changes based on cost savings and rethinking of previous plan.
If we go with a letter of credit from the contractors bank VS bonding insurance will it will save $5-6,000.
If we reduce the electrical entrance to 200 Amp we can save $3,000
If we change the roofing to Architectural shingles instead of metal we can save $12-13,000
If we change to the siding on the office end of the building to concrete siding (Harvey Board) and use vertical metal for the fire barn it would add only $1,200 and the siding would be more durable than the proposed vinyl.
If we change to another type of window such as Paradigm with integral trim we could save $1.200.
If we wrap the wood trim with aluminum we would add $4,200 but would limit the amount of maintenance to be done over the years.
If we used one layer of fiberglass over the ceiling and then finish with blown in insulation we could save $2,200 and have a better job.
On the interior:
We could change the interior doors to flat panel with metal frames which would probably be a wash in cost.
If we eliminate wood base board we could save $1,900
Utilizing FRP panels for the first 8 feet of the walls would add $5,100 to the cost but make a more durable wall protection.
Adding two hose faucets (one inside and one or two outside) to the project would add little or no cost.
We have identified a reasonably priced approved hood for a stove it would add $2000 to project plus the cost of the gas stove but might not need the oven as proposed.
We recommended up grading the exterior doors to commercial grade with panic bars and utilizing windows without dividers would save some = unknown how much at this time.
The committee and board voted 7 – 0 to recommend to the Select Board to select Catalano Construction as the builder of our fire station at a cost not to exceed $461,000.
Other costs to the project and not included in this figure include: architects’ fees, exhaust fan in the truck bay, back up generator and paving and final landscaping.

The Bond Bank requires that all funds from the Bond Bank must be expended towards the costs associated with the building and cannot be spent on other items. the Bond Counsel fees cannot come out of the loan. Steve thinks that we have enough in the Green account to pay our estimated cost of $3500. We can pay the earlier costs for architect fees for the early stages of our planning from the loan.
Select board to meet on Tuesday October 12 and will vote on the recommendation at that time.
Select board meeting with building committee on October 8, 2010.
Sue McKeen and Frank Ober present.
Select Board meeting October 12, 2010
Sue McKeen, Steve McCormick and Frank Ober present.

Board voted  3 - 0 to accept the bid of $461,000 from Catalano for the basic package for the fire station.
A letter of intent was drafted and emailed to the company as well as a hard copy to be mailed via USPS.
Select Board Meeting October 18, 2010
Steve McCormick, Sue McKeen and Frank Ober

Wanda and George Stickney came in regarding an abatement but we need more information from Jim Murphy. Board will be meeting with Jim in the morning. We will call them after that.

Rita Darveau came in regarding her valuation going from $60,500 to  $152,064. A site visit is indicated. Rita will come in tomorrow and set an appointment with Jim.

Vicki Milville came in and she also needs a site visit with one of the select board to accompany assessing agent Murphy. Steve will do this on October 29.

Steve Smith came in presented the board with his petition to create an assessing board to assume the assessing responsibilities of the select board. He was disappointed that we had not put this issue on the ballot in November. During a previous meeting with Steve on this issue we had agreed to put it on the ballot in March with election of assessing board members at a later date.

Erik Ekholm came in and told us that he has gathered most of the information regarding replacing the sand/salt building used by the taxpayers. He will be back next week with completed estimate of the cost to build the structure.
He also told the board that, after talking with Glenn Angel regarding the septic field at the fire station, it will remain where the plans presently call for it. We will need to obtain approval from the Health Engineering Dept. at the state level.
(Erik has since provided forms to be signed by a member of the board and the CEO and forwarded to the state) Frank is taking care of this.

Board decided to hold a ground breaking ceremony on Monday at 10 AM for the fire station.
Dave Boynton came in with only a couple of items:
Has the salt been ordered? Yes, per Steve, three loads are on order.
There was another issue: George King had complained that his driveway washes out after each heavy rain. This is an ongoing complaint but the responsibility is the homeowners as there are no ditches or culverts along the road at his driveway.
Dave also reported that Neilson lane will need some work due to washouts.

Tom Benne came in to officially resign as Animal Control Officer. He had previously turned in the equipment to Frank who has been serving in the capacity in the interim. Board voted 3 – 0 to advertize for his replacement but postponed doing so until after the Lincoln News comes out this week in the hopes that someone will call and offer to serve in this role as Frank would like to be free of  this responsibility ASAP.

Board adjourned early to go to the school to set up for the hearing regarding the upcoming vote in November.
Select Board meeting October 25, 2010
Steve McCormick and Frank Ober in session

Jeff Newell had left a note asking about having a gate installed to prevent people from leaving materials at the recycling center when it was not open. Some of the material left is not appropriate for  recycling.
This issue has been discussed and a plan was made to put up some sort of closing but it was deferred until Spring due to the need for the salt and sand trucks needing access during the winter. In addition parents attending sports events also utilize this lane.
I spoke with Jeff this past Saturday and gave him this information. He stated that he has found items in the trash which identifies from where the material came from. I said that if he would give me the informational material, I would attempt to speak to the individual so identified. 

Caroline Nye came in to have us explain the value of her land.

Peter Jumas came in to have us explain his tax/valuation. The issue of lots on non maintained roads was raised and he was told that it is an issue that we are going to look at in the coming months.

Tom and Pat Sweet came in to discuss their tax/valuation

Steve Smith raised some of the same issues and asked what our plan was? We told him that the proposed citizen’s adversary committee would be appointed soon (next week?)

Arthur Strout our CEO came it with the paper work for the holding tank for the fire station and septic field. Erik Ekholm and Lynn Talacko join us for the discussion. We will need an agreement with a hazardous waste hauler in order to complete the form. Steve will contact a hauler and complete the needed papers and Arthur will get them to the appropriated authority at the Health and Engineering at the state.

We voted 2 – 0 to adopt the General Assistance Ordinance Appendices A-C 2010-2011 Specifically the MMA model Ordinance GA Appendices (A-C) for the period of October 1, 2010 – October 1, 2011.

Steve McCormick                                        Frank Ober

Select board meeting November 1, 2010
Sue McKeen, Steve McCormick and Frank Ober present.

We reviewed the proposed assessing advisory committee charge. Board voted 3 – 0 to accept final version as amended.
Sue will contact board members to set up a meeting with the board to give them their charge.

We agreed as per prior vote to advertize for an Animal Control Officer. Gwen has prepared the ad and will submit it in the next day or so. Hourly rate is $15with mileage paid at $.45/mile.

Lynn Talacko came in with the initial bill from Catalano Construction for $13,500. Board Voted 3 – 0 to pay this bill.

Board also voted 3 - 0 to authorize the necessary adjustments be made in the electrical and cement slab in the building to accommodate a future generator be made. Estimated cost to be about $2000. (the generator will be an additional expense)

Board reviewed note from MMA that stated that the wording of the petition from Steve Smith for the Assessing Board is proper. This will be put on the warrant for town meeting in March 2011.

Minutes were approved for these dates: October 8, 12, 18, and 25.

Board voted 3 - 0 to approve the recommendation from Jim Murphy to grant abatements to:

1) Rita Darveau, reducing the value on her property by $46,386 with a reduction in her taxes of $619.25

2) Elaine Fergerson, reducing her valuation by $12,090 with a reduction in her taxes of $161.40.

3) Dwayne Fyler, reducing his valuation by $585 with a reduction in his taxes of $7.81.

4) Peter Froehlich, reducing his valuation by $15,098 with a reduction in his taxes of $201.56.

5) C. Patrick Chase, approved abatement for value of house taxed under two names last year. Amount to be calculated.

5) Board Voted 3 – 0 to deny Heather C. Ryan request for an abatement for her lot on Crocker Avenue.  This lot is one of the types of lots that we are going to be looking at with the assessing advisory committee.

Curt Whitehouse came in to protest his tax bill which doubled from last year to this. Board reviewed his data sheet and felt that the data warranted a site visit by the assessing agent.

Steve McCormick       Sue McKeen         Frank Ober

Select Board Meeting November 8, 2010

Chief Tim Pellerin and Deputy Chief Scott Higgins came in to discuss a personnel matter. Board voted to go into ex session to discuss these issues around the job of Emergency Management Director. 
After ex session, no action taken at this time.
Minutes for November 1 approved and signed.
The board met with the taxpayers who had agreed to serve on the Assessing Advisory Committee: Dennis Merrill, Jim Fitzpatrick, Wes Keep, Andrew Berry, John Delvecchio and Steve Smith. Dennis was asked and agreed to serve as head of the committee.
Board provided a cover sheet and a list of some of the types of land types that could be utilized to value land and there was a general discussion of what they could do to help us to make adjustments in land values that would be fair and equitable.
Committee moved to other room to continue the discussion and make plans for future meetings.
Terry Blair, Rick Cummings and Chris Bishop came in to get a clarification on the board’s position as to how the athletic fields will be utilized. There was some question that some fields might be designated to be used by only one group but this was not the boards view. Athletic fields should be available for multiple uses and not dedicated to any one group.
There has been no response to our ad for animal control officer.
Frank has had a few calls but no major issues. We still need to find someone to take this role.
Warrants were signed and several abatements were signed with some others to be considered next time when we have more information.

Steve McCormick              Sue McKeen              Frank Ober

Select board meeting November 15, 2010
Sue McKeen, Steve McCormick and Frank Ober present.

Christopher Francis and Caroline Nye came in with a map of their wetlands. They were advised to file for anabatement for the difference in the taxes based on the reduced valuation.

Hilary Holm came in the review with the board the changes that have been made in her valuation statistics. She was concerned that the errors that have been identified on her valuation might have also been made on other properties. She provided some corrected measurements of one of her buildings. Information will be given to Jim Murphy to be entered into her records.

Vicki Melville came in to provide the board with a court paper describing defects in her house construction that needed to be considered as part of her valuation. A site visit has taken place and this new information needs to be entered into her valuation records. We will be letting her know of the adjustment amount when it has been calculated.


Lynn Talacko came in with a general discussion of how the fire station project is progressing. We are still waiting for the plumbing permit to be approved by the state.
He provide us with the first change order (#1) and board
Voted  3 – 0 to approve it.

Board discussed MRS Title 36 part 9: Taxpayers Benefit Programs Chapter 908-A: Municipal Property Tax deferral for senior citizens. This law, if adopted by the town, would allow seniors of a certain age and income level to defer part of the taxes on their property until the property is sold. Essentially, the town would hold a lien on the property which must be renewed each year. After discussion, it was decided that this law was something appropriate for the assessing advisory committee to consider and make recommendations to the board.

There was a discussion about abatements and the circuit breaker program. It seems that some tax payers are getting refunds from the state but then applying for an abatement for the remainder of their tax bill. Motion made by Steve that “Prior to the granting of any poverty abatements, all other avenues must be exhausted. i.e. Circuit breaker program checks must be applied to the remaining property tax.
Board voted 3 – 0 to adopt this policy.
A letter was drafted to be sent to the people who have filed poverty abatements.
Sue will check on the legality of this prior to the mailing of the letters.
Frank called Darlene Bell and explained to her that the assessment that they had provided the board was not appropriate for tax purposes as it was based on a selling price not tax assessment. I suggested that she go and find out what the three properties listed in the provided assessment and see what the respective towns valued each property. She expressed understanding.

Board agreed that it was OK for the Hall in Kings Mills to use the town web site to post notices. Frank will notify Debbie Rogers and Steve will notify Judy Maldovan.

Steve McCormick          Sue McKeen          Frank Ober
Select Board meeting for November 22, 2010
Sue McKeen and Frank Ober present

Rita Darveau came in to talk about her taxes. We did find a couple of items on her data sheet that are incorrect and will ask Jim Murphy to change the data and run a new valuation. Rita is reluctant to file for the “Circuitbreaker” program or even an poverty abatement but would like us to reduce her valuation to accomplish the same result. We explained that both the avenues were available and that we could not reduce her valuation to below its correct assessment.
(I met with Jim Murphy on Tuesday and he did make the changes but the value did not change all that much.)
I have called and told Rita that her tax bill will not change that much and that she should apply for the “Circuitbreaker” program.

Lynn Talacko came in to report that the firehouse project is going well and that they will be pouring footers in the morning (Done!)
We now have our plumbing permit so they can be working on that part.
He suggested that the building committee meet in the coming weeks to decide how to proceed as far as the security system and perhaps the generator. Frank will handle scheduling the meeting.

Arthur Peters came in with the same problem we have been dealing with in the past several meetings with him: the size of his acreage. The only paper work that he has that sates the size of his acreage is when he purchased the property and it states that it is 40 acres more or less but our records state that it is 51.9 Acres.  It seems that someone has measured his acreage to come up with the fractional number. He feels that we should change the records to reflect what he was told that he purchased over 20 years ago. There is no record available to us that tells us what the acreage is and Mr Peters has nothing other than an old tax bill. The deed is not useful to measure the acreage i.e. description is not such that one can measure the acreage.
He did provide a map, apparently from the town of Windsor which he claims someone used and they measured his lot at 10 acres. This map is labeled for assessment purposes only not for measuring the size of the lots. The scale on the map does make the lot seem smaller than the stated size which may be because it has been reduced in size which will distorts the scale.
Mr. Peters states that he has seen his lawyer and suggests that we see our lawyer and that we must make the requested changes or he will take us to court.
Me Peters has been told in the past that it is up to him to provide the information to prove that our records are not correct.

Barry Tibbetts came in to ask why no one has been over to see him and his place. It has been an oversight on our part. He feels that he cannot afford to keep his farm is the taxes remain this high as he anticipates that the taxes will go up as the years go by. His situation is a little different from his neighboring farms as he owns and utilizes multiple parcels of land in the town and each one is assessed with a base lot. At present there is no way that we can remove those base lots from his lands in a fair and equitable way. He has not filed for Open Space and farmland nor Tree Growth, which has been suggested to him in the past as a means of reducing his tax burden.
Board should make a site visit with the assessing agent to be sure that we have the correct information for his valuation.

Fred and Angela Fagin came in to find out why his taxes have not been adjusted to what he feels is fair. We tried to tell him that we do not determine taxes by what the tax should be but it is based replacement value of the property. He has had some conversations with Steve who has visited the property but we do not have any record of such and Steve is not present. We suggested that they come back next week when Steve will be here and they agreed.
 As there have been not applications for the job of Animal Control Officer, we asked that Gwen run the ad a second time.
Susan McKeen                   Frank Ober

Select Board Meeting November 29,  2010
Steve McCormick, Frank Ober and Sue McKeen present
Minutes approved for 11-15 and 11-22- 2010.
Mr. and Mrs. John Farrell came in regarding their lot which is nonconforming. They were referred to the planning board for a determination of how to proceed.
Caroline Nye came by to see what decision we had made re: he taxes now that they had provided us with a map dated November 2010 showing how much of her land was swamp. We agreed that we would call her after we had deliberated the issue of whether it would be effective for this year or in April 2011. Later, after a discussion, it was voted 3 -0 that, because the information had been presented in November, the change would be effective next April. Steve called Caroline and explained that due to the information being presented this late in the process, the effective date would be next year.
Dave Boynton stopped by but had no issues to present nor did we.
Ellis and JoAnn Percy came by with a document stating that one of their pieces of land was in a farmland trust and therefore no buildings could be constructed on it. They are being taxed for a base lot on this land. Their document did not provide all the information needed and they will bring the appropriate papers. The land is inaccessible and in tree growth but no papers have been filed.
Lynn Talacko came in and presented us with two documents to be signed: requisition #2 for payment and change order #2 calling for a slightly different door style be used. Board voted 3 – 0 to approve the change and signed both documents. Lynn stated that they will be pouring the walls this week.
Paula Woodberry came in regarding an error on their assessment which showed an above ground pool valued at $64,000. We agreed to have Jim Murphy to recalculate the value of this small pool to reflect a more reasonable value.
Board voted to go into ex session to deal with some poverty abatements.
Following the ex session the board voted 3 – 0 that it was appropriate to ask that the current year tax not be abated but that the taxpayer should apply for the circuit breaker program, apply that money to the bill and make payments towards the remaining balance.

Steve McCormick      Sue McKeen    Frank Ober

Whitefield Select board meeting on December 6, 2010
Minutes for 11-8 and 11-29 read and approved.
Board acted on several adjusts and or abatements:
Vicki Miville: after reviewing court case and accompanying engineers report, house value reduced from $121,254 to $61,159 (total = $90,175)
It was noted that Heather Ryan has appealed her abatement denial to the County commissioners who will consider her case on December 21 @11AM. Frank will plan to go to the hearing and we will ask Jim Murphy to go as well.
Helen Parmenter valuation was corrected to reflect the fact that the pool is an above ground pool and is not inside a building as had been indicated on her fact sheet. Property value reduced by $60,000.
Fred and Angela Fagin’s property value has been adjusted to reflect the deteriorating condition of the outside of the house from $247,693 to $179,864.
Board agreed to have Frank and Jim Murphy make a site visit to Barry Tibbett’s farm next Tuesday. Frank will set up the appointment.
Lynn Talacko came by to discuss some budget items for the rescue and presented a new proposed construction schedule from Catalano construction.
Am meeting has been scheduled with Catalano for this Wednesday at 11 AM to review the progress of the project.
There have been many complaints of poor road conditions today with many roads not plowed by 6 PM or later.
Steve will contact Steve McGee and ask him to come in next Monday evening to discuss his performance.
Chief Pellerin came in and voiced his dissatisfaction with the conditions of the roads today. Whitefield has had more road incidents (27) than any other town in the county. There was an incident where the fire service responded to provide warning lights and traffic control for a vehicle off the road and ended up off the edge of the road as well. There was no damage to truck and it was able to drive onto road with the application of some sand under the wheels.

Dave Boynton stopped by to add his voice to the list of those dissatisfied with the condition of the roads. His lane has not been plowed at his time. (6:30 PM).

Chief Pellerin presented the budget that he developed for the coming year. This is a flat budget with no change in the total amount requested from last year. Figures are based on what was spent in the past year. He has made some adjustments in where the money was budgeted.
Chief Pellerin requested that instead of separate items for Civil Defense and forest fires, the two items be combined and be separate from the operating budget with the account be kept as an accumulating (i.e. be carry forward what is not spent) so that a balance might be accumulated in the event of a major disaster such as a major forest fire, hurricane, severe flood and ice storm. The small amount that we budget each year would not go far if we experience one of these events. Plus the funds could be utilized for such expenses as hiring a excavator or bulldozer at major fires to reduce the hazard of a partially destroyed building. Suggested that limit of $500 could be spent without board approval.
The Chief also voiced that he would like to add some amount of money to the salary budget to pay his two deputies due to the long hours that they have been putting getting the new department up and running. This will be discussed in the future during the budget process. Steve mentioned that we all had taken a hit last year.



Board was told that one of the computers at the front desk had crashed and needed fixing or replacement. Board voted  3 – 0 to have this looked into and if the computer is not reparable, then the spare computer previously allotted to the planning board but not utilized by them be used instead of purchasing a new computer.
Steve Carlton of McGee construction stopped in to tell us that the overhead door at the sand salt barn was stuck about 3 feet off the floor. We instructed Steve to see what he could do to get it up and if unable to do it manually, then try using the loader to push it up.
Steve and Frank checked it later and the door was still only 3 feet from the floor and the bottom panel was damaged – apparently from the loader.
Steve called Steve McGee and asked him to see what he could do to get the door open.
(Frank Checked on Tuesday morning and found the door opening high enough to get the trucks in but appears to have major damage, both to the door panels and tracks.) 
A letter was reviewed from Ann Blanchard of Perry and Banks requesting permission to use a photo taken on the Sheepscott River in a promotional brochure they are developing in conjunction with the county. Board agreed it was OK to utilize this photo.
Jim Murphy has provided the board with some printed information which helps explain some of the terms used on the print outs for the property data. Board will review these at their leisure.

Steve McCormick          Sue McKeen                  Frank Ober

Minutes of meeting on December 8, 2010 with Catalano Construction staff Averyl Catalano, Tom Catalano and Hank McAlister.
Representing the town were Erik Ekholm Building Committee chair, Lynn Talacko (architect), Steve McCormick and Frank Ober select men.
This meeting was arranged to keep both parities up to date as to progress of the construction project.
Tom Catalano, project supervisor, reported that, while they are a little behind what they had hoped to be at this time, they feel that with the weather we have had, they are pleased with the progress.
Footings and cement walls are done, the plumber is on scene today getting things laid out for the in the floor plumbing etc. Septic is in place as is most of the grading. Tom hopes to have the blue board insulation in place and covered by the end of the week or early next week.
Tom reported that the wall panels will be ready for delivery next week as will the trusses. Tom will be reassessing the schedule for the delivery in the coming days. At this time the (optimistic) plan will be to put up the building shell and have it done by Christmas or perhaps by New Years. (The Holidays may delay the work to some degree.) Then do the floor thereby avoiding the problem of snow hindering the work. This is a rearrangement of the original plan due to the seasonal weather expected. This plan subject to change if the weather or other things interfere with the work.

Group agreed that having a monthly meeting was a good way to keep the dialogue open and keeping everyone up to date on the progress or lack there of.
Agreed to meet on Tuesday January 4th at 11 AM in the town office.
Steve McCormick                                        Frank Ober

Minutes for meeting of  the Select Board  on December 13, 2010
Steve McCormick and Frank Ober present.
Minutes were approved for December 6th and December 8th.
 Steve called Andrew Wilson in response to his message and discussed issues with the valuation of his property on Townhouse Road. Structure is no complete nor inhabitable at this time missing some items such as toilet fixtures, kitchen sink and wood trim work. Steve took notes and we will leave them to be reviewed by Jim Murphy for review.
Board approved and signed several abatements:
         Ken and Hilary Holm abated $1397
         Douglas and Julia Jordon abated lot 29/3   $31.93
         Douglas and Julia Jordon lot 14/3   abated $691.57
         Vicki Milville abated $805.81
         Joseph Brown   abated $71.15
         Harris and Gail Thayer abated $176.42
         Fred and Angelia Fagin abated $905.53
Dave Boynton came and was pleased to report that in spite of all the rain over the last few days we have had not washouts. He has had to unplug some culverts.
Seth McGee and Steve Carlson came in to discuss the plowing last week. Seth stated that he and his Father, Steve, mis-comunicated that day and there were not enough drivers for the plowing as they had been utilized elsewhere.
Steve reviewed the contract as for the number of trucks they are to have working: 2 two ton or larger trucks, 2 one ton trucks and 2 other trucks for a total of six trucks. This amount of trucks was not available last Monday. They understand that what is expected of them. Dave Boynton discussed some other issues with the McGee team, issues that he had dealt with when he was plowing.
The sand was not put up in a timely manner.
We will need some more salt but will need to resolve the issue of the door before any salt could be delivered. Someone will be assessing the damage to the door in the next couple of days.  
Seth and Steve left expressing goal to do a better job the next storm.
(Tuesday morning there were five trucks parked at the salt shed)
Steve mentioned that there was a school bus parked at the door end of the salt shed and it made it difficult to maneuver the trucks. Steve McCormick will get this taken care of.
Nicki Mathews Emergency Management Director came in to touch base. She is developing a town wide plan for emergencies and will present it to us when it is complete. We shared with her that when the five member board is in place, then one of us will be available to be her deputy and as of tonight, Frank is interested in taking on this role.
Nicki plans to meet with Dave Boynton to assist her in developing this plan. There  is some concern about the fire department serving as emergency responders to trees down in the road. Steve felt that these responses should come under the Road Commissioner because he has trained workers for this sort of work. Nicki will be looking at the issue with Dave and Chief Pellerin.
Chief Pellerin came by to pick up a bill for the North Whitefield Volunteer Fire Department.
He also shared with the board his plan for his training session this evening. He plans to ask the firefighters to identify both personal and department goals for the year 2011. Then the officers will collate the information and utilize it to plan for the future.
As part of the process, the form also asks for ideas for change and for a wish list for future use.
Chief Pellerin also presented his training schedule for the coming year. He has delegated the training role to several of the junior officers with training scheduled for each month as well as departmental meetings. One Monday a month is allotted for the associations to meet. The schedule will be posted on the web site available to anyone who is interested.
Pellerin also present his proposal for salary for the officers for the coming year:
         Chief $2000
         Deputy Chiefs $1000 each.
Steve noted that this will be an increase in the salary budget of $2350.
Chief Pellerin plans to come to the budget meeting with his justification for these amounts i.e. amount of paper work required and being completed such as records of how much gear we have and its condition which will help in planning purchases for the future.
Brad Corbin came in to ask if he sold his operation, would the new owner have to apply for a new junk yard permit. He was told that the new owner would only have to have the name changed on the paper work to reflect the new ownership.
Steve McCormick            Frank Ober

Select board meeting December 20, 2010

Sue McKeen and Frank Ober present.
Minutes approved and signed for December 16, 2010
Dennis Merrill came it to discuss some issues that he had identified for the assessing advisory committee.
He states that they are meeting this Thursday and will need someone to open the office. Frank Agreed to do this. Dennis invited either one of both of us to attend. Frank plans to attend.
The committee has raised some questions, to wit:
1)   How are taxing CMP Right of Way? (raw land)
2)   What is our rationale of the valuation of gravel pits. It is unclear to the board members present.
3)   How do we tax easements such as tower sites. Not known
4)   Are our tax records on line? No
5)   Have arrangements been made for Denis to talk with folks at MMA? Sue will confirm this and let Dennis know.
6)   Do we have a record/list that groups the land by parcel size? No
Dennis reports that the committee has met with a representative of the state tax bureau. They have been told to try to keep the system simple as possible but do so in a fair a way as possible. He indicated that eh Marshal Swift system we are using is a commonly used system in the state.
Board voted to go into executive session to discuss a poverty abatement.
No vote was taken at the conclusion of this session. Sue will follow up on this application.
Lynn Talacko came in to touch base. Things are progressing well at the fire station with trusses on hand with the crane expected tomorrow to put them in place.
Board read and accepted with regret a resignation letter from Christi Mitchell from the planning board effective in March. She is stepping down from Chair at the  January meeting.
Board dealt with several abatements:
Kermit and Laurie Glidden abatement of $702.53
         Brain Woodbury abatement of $95.45
         Linda Brann abatement of $67.43
A letter has been drafted to Alisa Kelly-Farrell instructing her to take the question of the legality of her lot to the planning board.
Frank is to go with Jim Murphy to the hearing tomorrow with the county commissioners regarding Heather Ryan’s denied abatement.
Sue McKeen                       Frank Ober
Joint Assessing advisory committee and Select board meeting December 23, 2010

Board members Sue McKeen and Frank Ober met with the Assessing advisory committee.
Many issues were discussed including how to asses gravel pits, large tracts of land including open space and farm land, and several other issues.
Committee will meet again on January for further discussions.

Sue McKeen                       Frank Ober